Adams by george saunders analysis

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adams by george saunders analysis

Adams by George Saunders

The bad thing about writing a review for a short story is it takes longer to write the review than it does to read the story. Let me say this; if you see anything with George Saunders name attached to it, you probably should read it.

I couldnt make much of this story when I read it. These two guys, Adams and Roger, are infringing on one anothers homes and thumping the other quite often for intruding. You start out thinking Adams is the bad guy, but by the end of the story you have serious doubts about Roger.

After reading other reviews and analysis I learned the story is a satire of the US war with Iraq after 9/11. Ok, I guess I can see that, but it still left me scratching my head. Well written, certainly memorable, so I gave it 4 stars.
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Published 17.04.2019

George Saunders and Karen Russell

Message Board Only Meetup: "Adams", by George Saunders

Wow, this story was crazy. For some reason I thought the narrator was a woman the whole time until I read the note above. To me I thought it would make more sense from a Mother's view than a Fathers, even though I guess the Fathers are supposed to protect the family but like in the animal kingdom its the mothers who protect their children. The safety of your children can make you do crazy things but I guess that's human nature. This story was very interesting. You could feel the hatred the people had for each other throughout the text.

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    I tried to remember which of Saunders' short stories I had heard on the New Yorker Fiction Podcast, where I get most of my literary analysis.

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