Images of katana from suicide squad

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images of katana from suicide squad

Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Katana by Mike W. Barr

One of the stars of 2016s blockbuster film Suicide Squad, get her own solo graphic novel: Katana!
Katanas trademark weapon, her sword christened with the name Soultaker, has always been a mysterious blade. However, one of the worlds most dangerous superhumans needs to know more about Soultakers origin if shes going to have any hope of controlling the sword instead of falling under its influence. Dr. Helga Jace, a Markovian astrophysicist, may be able to shed some light--but before Katana can get the info, Kobras forces attack!
Prepare for Summer 2016s biggest blockbuster film with SUICIDE SQUAD MOST WANTED: KATANA, written Mike W. Barr, returning to the character he co-created in the 1980s, with art by Diogenes Neves!
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dc katana Suicide Squad | Reasons 'Suicide Squad' Trailer Blew Fans Away .. standup is made of heavy cardboard with a high-quality image.
Mike W. Barr

New Images Of Rick Flagg, El Diablo, Katana, And More From ‘Suicide Squad’

Despite director David Ayer's promises that there are still plenty of secrets surrounding his upcoming Suicide Squad flick, set pics continue to leak out. The latest batch are all about Harley Quinn and Katana. We obviously don't know the context of the scene, but the backdrop is a very gritty, dirty street — though the ladies seem right at home in the rough environment, regardless. Oh, and Ben Affleck's Batman is also expected to make an appearance. Katana and Harley Quinn filming Suicide Squad. Update your browser for more security and the best experience on this site.

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The actress confirmed that it was. Is tbt still a thing? The first Suicide Squad followed a team of supervillains who were recruited by the government for a dangerous black ops mission in exchange for reduced sentences. It earned mixed reviews at best, but became a massive hit for Warner Bros. Source: Instagram. Following its brief appearance in last week's episode, concept art for Titans' Batmobile has been released and reveals different takes on Batman's iconic vehicle.

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After the death of her husband at the hands of the Yakuza, martial arts expert and samurai master Tatsu Yamashiro journeyed to America, where she became the vigilante hero known as Katana. However, Katana's quest for justice isn't a solo affair—the souls of her dead husband and countless others currently reside in her sword, the mystical blade known as the Soultaker. Trained in martial arts and swordsmanship from a young age, Katana possesses vast combat skills and tactical expertise. Despite her commitment to her heroic duties, Katana still seeks to free the souls trapped her in sword, attempting to resolve their personal conflicts in order to grant them peace—desperately hoping one day the soul she frees will be that of her husband so he may finally be at rest. Kobra is about to destroy Washington, D.

Tatsu is an infamous master of swordplay and martial arts, trained to the highest level in the ancient art form. She is a proxy member of the Suicide Squad , and, of note, the only voluntary member as Rick Flag 's personal bodyguard. Tatsu Hikari was born on March 16, , in Tokyo , Japan , and trained in various martial arts at a young age, a trait encouraged by her parents. When she reached adulthood, her heart became competed for by two brothers, Maseo and Takeo Yamashiro , yet her decision to marry the former drove the latter into joining the Yakuza and be disowned by his family. After the deaths of Tatsu's parents, she and Maseo started a family of their own, and she gave birth to twin girls, Yuki and Reiko. Meanwhile, Takeo rose in the Yakuza's rank, and one of his exotic tastes included ancient weapons. He was presented with a pair of matched swords, one of which Takeo favored due to its mystical properties, which would come to be known as the Soultaker , because of its ability to trap the souls of its victims within itself.



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