Chinese new year day in 2012

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chinese new year day in 2012

Chelseas Chinese New Year by Lisa Bullard

“Chelsea’s Chinese New Year”, by Lisa Bullard, is a nonfiction picture book written to help children learn about Chinese New Year. Chelsea and her Chinese-American family are busy preparing for the upcoming New Year by cleaning, decorating, and visiting relatives. They stay up late to celebrate the New Year by lighting fireworks and participate in a parade that has a Chinese dragon costume. The book emphasizes on the significance of symbolism in the Chinese culture; for example, Chelsea’s family will buy new red clothes to wear because red symbolizes good luck. As a teacher, I would use this book to emphasize about the cultural differences between our culture and the Chinese culture. I would also talk about being an American and being a part of another culture. Since many students are from more than one culture, this book would make them feel comfortable about themselves and encourage them to embrace their culture. The main idea of “Chelsea’s Chinese New Year” is to educate students about the traditions of the Chinese culture and how it is incorporated into their lives, regardless of their location. Lisa Bullard, the author, is not a Chinese-American, but she is an experienced children’s author who thoroughly researches the subject matter and gets many factual accounts from those of the culture to make the book authentic. The book contains many details and is a great source of information for children to learn about Chinese New Year.
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2012 Chinese New Year Day visiting families ????????

Happy Chinese New Year 2012: Millions welcome Year Of The Dragon

Chinese New Year according to the lunar calendar starts on the new moon after the winter solstice and is celebrated by many people from all over the world. Chinese New Year indicates new beginnings. The date that you would spend placing your Feng Shui cures and enhancers is always on the 4 th February which is the start of spring using the solar calendar. I thought many would find it useful to prepare for years ahead and you will find below a chart that shows the beginning day of Chinese New Year using the lunar calendar and the animal sign for that year. Our Feng Shui software amongst hundreds of features has all the solar years added for hundreds of years ahead and worth considering to purchase, it is the industry standard in the Feng Shui world.

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The Dragon year is considered to be more auspicious since its symbol - the dragon - is believed to be the most powerful of the 12 Chinese Zodiac elements. In any case, the New Year is an occasion for family members to reunite and welcome the year ahead, with a variety of traditional food, customs, rituals and cultural activities. The day long celebrations have several myth and beliefs woven around them. Each day denotes certain customs and traditions The Chinese visit the elders in their family and pay their respects to them. Some people also abstain from eating meat on this day. It is also a day for married daughters to visit their parents' and relatives' houses.

Preparations for the new year begin on January 17th, , and last until New Years Eve. Chinese New Year officially begins on January 25th, , and ends on February 4th. Preparations begin the 5th, and the Lantern Festival is held on February 8th. From the terrible monster Nian, to gods and superstitions, discover the origins of the Spring Festival. Make sure your new year is filled with good fortune by avoiding these 10 new year taboos!


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    Chinese New Year Calendar from to , as well as the Animal Sign and the number of days from The coming Chinese New Year is , which is days away. . , , Rabbit (—).

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