The spell is broken over your life

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the spell is broken over your life

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Published 09.04.2019

The Spell That Must Be Broken Over America - Dr. Lance Wallnau

The Easiest Way to Break a Curse or Hex (and Keep It Broken!)

The spell is broken! It happened to England and Murray recently after 77years. It shall be for you too. It is because the spell is broken. You too will have a winning steak after your spell is broken.

And it is. Most people never stop to consider how easily influenced they are but others, preferring to believe that they are immune to that sort of thing. Give that serious thought for a moment. Breaking a spell takes immense conscious effort, especially if the source of that spell is a person with whom you have a complex relationship. By complex, I mean that the relationship can be loving, competitive, aggressive, approval-based or enmeshed with your physical support system. Or the person could be deceased.

I ask You Lord, to forgive me in the name of Jesus; I come against every evil spell set over my life, be broken now! in the name of Jesus; I break.
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Can You Put a Curse on Someone and Not Know It?

Most people think curses are a thing of the past — or something that only exists in fairy tales — but curses can be real and affect our modern day lives. Really, a curse is just a specific intention for your misfortune that is aimed at you by someone else. There are many modern spiritual movements in which a curse might be a practice: Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, and superstitions in Pennsylvania Dutch, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cultures. Curses are believed in by everyone from Christians who believe in literal aspects of the bible to even casual sports fans. In witchcraft, a curse is specific adversity caused to you by a supernatural method like a spell or prayer. You might be able to tell if suddenly it seems like everything is going wrong in your life or you find symbols of witchcraft in your home, find very personal items missing, if your plants or pets act weird or die, or if you begin seeing someone cursing you in your dreams. Fortunately, there is a way to check and find out for sure.

Jake July 7, Faith 13 Comments 38, Views. In my last article, I asked the question of whether curses are real or just superstition. Though in our Western thinking, the idea of blessings and curses being real forces in the world might seem strange, the Bible talks about this subject a lot. But if we do not recognize what curses are and how they work, we can live under them unnecessarily. A generational curse is a curse that is passed through the family line from one generation to the next. We receive a spiritual inheritance from our parents, and this spiritual heritage includes both blessings and curses. I have witnessed powerful things happen when generational curses were broken.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I now bring the fullness of his cross, death, blood, and sacrifice, his resurrection, life, and empty tomb, his authority, rule, and dominion; I bring judgment from the Lord Jesus Christ against every foul power, witchcraft, black art, and curse. I bring Jesus Christ cursed for me against all curses that have been raised against me—written, spoken, unspoken, or transferred to me. I bring the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, his blood shed upon the cross, against all blood sacrifices and rituals and their every claim against me. I bring Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sacrificed for me, against all ritual sacrifices and their every claim against me. I bring the dedication of Jesus Christ for me in death upon the cross against all ritual dedications. In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through ritual or ritual sacrifice. In the name and by the blood of Jesus Christ, I break the power and hold of every curse that has come to me through transfer by another human being.


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