Staying on antidepressants for life

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staying on antidepressants for life

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Published 09.04.2019

Dr. Jordan Rullo discusses antidepressants and sexual dysfunction

These drugs are among the most commonly prescribed in the United States, and they're often prescribed for long-term use. While this class of medications is named after a single condition, the drugs are used to treat a wide variety of illnesses other than major depressive disorder , including:.

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I'd check with your GP. But I am on Ad's and other meds and I assume I'll be on them for the rest of my life too. Also told the same by my doc about life long depression chemical imbalance To me its the same as a physical problem I guess my question for you is why now?

A few years ago, after being on the same medication regimen for depression for several years, I told my doctor I wanted to try to go off of one of my meds. I was taking three at that point and I felt bad about how many medications I was on. Eventually we compromised, decreasing one of my meds slightly. Two months later, I was back in her office, crying. At first, I burst out laughing: The problem had a solution; I was so relieved. But then I asked her, am I going to be on medication forever?

I had spent almost that entire year locked in a cycle of terror and sadness. So, while my new flatmates were sleeping off hangovers and ordering pizza, I booked an appointment at the campus medical centre. I was lucky, the doctor I saw and continued to see throughout my time at university understood exactly what I was trying to tell her, and was kind and helpful. She held my hands, gave me tissues and listened to me through my tears. Although I was put on a waiting list for therapy, I was told that it would probably take weeks, or even months, to get an appointment. The antidepressant I was given, Sertraline, did help.

Do you worry about how long it's safe to take antidepressants? See what we know about the long-term side effects of these common drugs.
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What are the risks?

Andrew Lee, 29, was diagnosed with major depressive disorder seven years ago while he was pursuing his engineering degree. Should I be weaning myself off these drugs? Of those people, two-thirds took the medications for more than two years, and a quarter took them for at least ten years. But when people with depression are using antidepressants for years, or even decades, how long is too long? McIntyre says "long-term use" for which there is no specific definition is appropriate in the right clinical context and with ongoing assessment by a physician, meaning visits typically as often as every three to six months for someone whose condition is stable. When it comes to figuring out treatment duration, the main goal is preventing relapse, explains Joshua Nathan, an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago and president-elect of the Illinois Psychiatric Society. Or would you rather stay on the medication?

Antidepressants are one approach to treating symptoms of major depression that have good evidence of effectiveness. Although antidepressants are among the most widely prescribed of all medications, many people considering them as a treatment option still have many fears and questions. Please keep in mind that these responses are for adults. See the article on children and youth in this issue of Visions and a related article in the Suicide issue of Visions for more on antidepressant recommendations for young people. FACT: The illness of depression may have symptoms related to emotions and thoughts but it is nonetheless a very physical illness with often-disabling bodily symptoms.

I heard that only once from an acquaintance, but I remember it nearly two decades later. I let the words slide off me. I used to think that way about depression, too: That if I concocted the right magic potion of herbs, exercise and therapy, I could feel better all on my own. I was 20 the first time I took an antidepressant. I had failed at my first attempt to leave home, moving from my small Alaskan town to Seattle. Or friends. A few stilted attempts at romance were unsuccessful.


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