My three wishes in life essay

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my three wishes in life essay

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Published 07.04.2019

If I Had 3 Wishes

THREE WISHES ESSAY believe if given this opportunity of three wishes I would request world peace, I could anticipate a life for my family where I could.

Three Wishes

When I was in high school, one of my teachers asked us to write about who we would like to be. I wanted to be a combination of Einstein and Santa Claus — Santa Claus because he could give everyone what they wanted and Einstein because he was the smartest person I had heard of and he could figure out how to give everyone what they wanted. I have been granted this wish in a way. I have had so many mental, spiritual, physical and emotional experiences that I seldom meet someone I cannot understand or to whom I cannot be helpful. This I now call my work. The second time I made a wish was when I had been tired and wanted a rest.

Is there anything a person would not do to have three wishes granted in this day and age? One might think that this decision would be easy, but have they really taken this subject into consideration? Think about it; one person has a set of goals their whole life; they long for a desire that is out of their reach, but upon the utterance of a few words, in that instance that fantasy becomes reality. If I were to have the option of having three wishes granted, I would have to stop and consider would I wish happiness for myself or happiness for others. I believe that I would wish for myself, being the selfish person that I can be sometimes.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Three wishes are upon me and three wishes are my lead into achieve what I want. These wishes can or cannot grant what I want but they will surely help me think what the most important things in my life are. I got these three wishes for my great personality and my positiveness. These wishes are the lead to my happiness and they are, wishing to visit Osaka Japan, second is to wish to pass my ENG class and the final wish is to graduate from college. Wishing to visit Japan is one thing I always wanted. There are plenty of wishes I would like to wish for, but visiting Osaka Japan is one of first one that I have in mind.


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    As a child my wishes were much like those of my own children now. and be successful, I discovered I had lost track of what attracted me to this life choice. is to pursue my own art — the writing of poems, plays, stories, essays, novels — and.

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