I fucken hate my life

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i fucken hate my life

I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 2: Fluff My Life by Skottie Young

All hail Gertrude, the new Queen of Fairyland. After thirty years of wreaking havoc across this magical world to find her way back home, she must now overcome her biggest challenge yet... ruling the place she hates most. Join Gert as she continues her never-ending quest to get the FLUFF out of Fairyland. The hilariously brutal Fairytale adventure continues by superstar cartoonist SKOTTIE YOUNG. Collects issues 6-10.
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Published 05.04.2019


Jan 18, I am 27, married for 6 years, two kids, stable job and income. But I absolutely fucking hate my life. I feel like I live in a fucking prison. I hardly even speak with my.
Skottie Young


My depression is really bad lately. I find everything meaningless. I fucking hate having depression. I am really lethargic to start my day. It takes me a long time to wake up, especially when I have nightmares that pull me back into them. That has been happening a lot recently. When I finally force myself up, I am still exhausted.

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city of god true story

2) Move Your Body

Where to start. My life is so full of shit that I can physically pick where to start. Perhaps an introduction is warranted.

Log In Sign Up. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger I hate my fucking life! You: no you dont You: you hate your life right now Stranger: im 22, work in fast food and will probably never do anything better Stranger my co-workers make fun of me all day You: learn the ways of the honeybadger Stranger: and if i told my boss he would probably cut my already shit pay You: that is illegal Stranger cause he's a cheap bastard Stranger: my only friend is mentally retarded You: that makes you a wonderful friend: Stranger: adn all we ever do together is stupid shit Stranger i cant leave my home town cause i never learned how to drive Stranger: plus every time i try i fail my drivers test You: Drivers ed bro You: shit works Stranger: and you know what the worst part is?


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    I was lying there in self-pity and agony and hated my life.

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