Make your life a story worth telling

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make your life a story worth telling

A Story Worth Telling: Your Field Guide to Living an Authentic Life by Bill Blankschaen

Legacy. Politicians, athletes, and writers talk of leaving a legacy. As people grow older they realize the importance of living a life that matters but donít know where to begin. It begins with faith, and this powerful book serves as a field guide to take along on that journey.

Readers will learn to recognize:

Truth: the essential protection to walk safely in a chaotic world.
Vision: the belief and beliefs necessary to see what is possible.
Fear: only when afraid can we be courageous and overcome fears, real and imagined.
Action: the powerful dynamic between what we believe and what we do.

Blankschaen challenges readers to dare to live their own story and to make that story worth repeating. Every life is a journey, but if we choose it, that journey can be a grand adventure that lasts long after we are gone.

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Make your life a story worth telling.

Politicians, athletes, and writers talk of leaving a legacy.
Bill Blankschaen


I contemplate them daily. Life tends to live us, rather than the other way around. But we all have an opportunity to paint a beautiful picture on the canvas of life if we choose to take the reins and be deliberate about it. We all have an opportunity to write our story. Something that teaches, inspires, compels or incites change. And I ask, why not?

"Make your life a story worth telling." - Adam Braun #LIVEINSPIRATION.
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We accept the love we think we deserved..

Since I can think I was taught to always listen to what feels right. My mother was and still is that kind of unique mother that would support whatever it was if it was something that felt right to me. When I was 19 I went to New York to work with people my age or younger that no other home would take.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is an author that helped inspire many people in this generation by sharing her stories. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But, stories can also used to empower, and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repaired that broken dignity. For so long, we underestimate the ability of sharing story. We give less value to stories because we thought that once a story is being told, in time it would fade away.


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