It is important to take chances in life

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it is important to take chances in life

Taking Chances Quotes (63 quotes)

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Published 04.04.2019

Take Chances in Life

Women are not exactly known for taking risks. Especially But while some risks certainly don't pay off, it's important to remember that some do.

5 Reasons Why Taking Risks is Important

Women are not exactly known for taking risks. Especially in the wake of the economic recession, women's supposed restraint has even been lauded as studies ask whether or not the financial crisis would have occurred had more women been in positions of power in the financial world. But the idea that women are biologically risk-averse is a myth. In fact, women's tendency to take fewer risks than men is much less rooted in nature than it is in the way we're nurtured. But no matter why women avoid taking risks, doing so may be hurting us in the long run.

There are a few very important life lessons I've learned while in college, luckily none of them having to do with calculus or biology. When I came into college as a freshman, I was so concerned with what people thought of me. Over time, this turned into me being afraid to speak my mind on certain topics or to become a so-called "go getter". I stopped taking chances because I became so afraid of the scrutiny I would face or the backlash that would ensue. Now that I'm a little older and in my opinion wiser some would disagree , and one step away from the real world I've learned the lesson that you can never be scared to take risks in your life.

Before I begin, check out this video of ski BASE jumpers performing in Utah. While the parallel between the finance profession and ski BASE.
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The Importance Of Taking Time To Yourself (Inspirational Message)

People are often afraid of tipping over the glass and spilling milk that they forget about the bigger picture: the spill can always be cleaned and the glass can be refilled. Think about how many times you said no or turned down an offer because you were afraid of messing up or getting hurt. I used to be that way and I think what held me back was instant gratification. Graphic designer Pum Lefebure puts it best. When you dream, you do so alone. It comes from somewhere inside —from your gut, from your past or maybe from your experiences.


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    Not to be simplistic, but think about it, if you don't take chances, you will never accomplish anything. I learned to ski in Junior High. I never.

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