How my teacher changed my life

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how my teacher changed my life

The Teacher That Changed My Life Quotes by Shane Pacelli

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Published 02.04.2019

The Teacher Who Changed My Life - Dan Lok - Goalcast

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Most of us had a special teacher that had a lasting effect on us, either for the knowledge they imparted, the wisdom they shared, the self-confidence he inspired, or all of the above. The Guilford Fund for Education would like teachers, here in Guilford and everywhere, to know we know what you do for our children, we appreciate the gifts you give the community, and we understand the importance of all you do for the future. Here are seven testimonies to the lasting effects our teachers have on us. I had this amazing teacher named Dean Cobb. He was the coach of the Forensics Team and director of all the theater productions. Some of us were like groupies--we took every class, did Forensics, joined the Radio Club, and did plays. I developed confidence in getting up in front of a crowd.

NOTE: In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Fordham Ohio staffers will be blogging about teachers, principals, and guidance counselors who made a positive difference in their schooling and in their lives. This is the first post. The second post can be found here ; the third can be found here ; the fourth which also celebrates National Charter Schools Week can be found here. Looking back at my own life, I can think of a half dozen educators that not only taught me an incredible amount but also transformed the way I learned and thought. Teacher appreciation week seems like a perfect time to recognize one of those teachers.

I believe that every teacher we have affects us in one way or another. They have the ability to change our lives in the way they approach learning, and I have certainly been changed by every teacher I have had. My mother is a teacher, so while growing up I didn't think much about the process of learning. It was just an everyday thing. But the older I get, the more I realize how much my teachers have done for me.

Every person who has come into my life brought with them a gift.
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I would like to dedicate this article to the sad occasion of the passing last month of my dear high school teacher, Olivia Balian, who changed my life with a noble gesture. Although I was the top student in my class, I was sent home due to lack of money. This was a heartbreaking experience for a young man, as I loved being in school and desperately wanted to continue my education. He could barely earn enough to pay the tuition of my two other siblings. A very old man and respected member of the Ramgavar Party saw me in the shop and wondered why I was not in school.


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