Rachel joy scott chain reaction

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rachel joy scott chain reaction

Chain Reaction: A Call to Compassionate Revolution by Darrell Scott

Rachel Scott and her killer Eric Harris both talked about starting a chain reaction. Eric used violence to kill and destroy at Columbine High School. But Rachel chose another path. In a personal creed she wrote one month before her death in the Columbine tragedy, she explained her conviction that if one person goes out of his or her way to show compassion, it will start a world-changing chain reaction ofkindness.For Rachel, this was a solemn calling. And now her father, Darrell Scott, is carrying on her crusade by challenging people of all ages to commit themselves to creating a revolution of compassion that can make a real difference in our troubled world. Chain Reaction spells out this challenge in compelling detail, providing moving examples of practical compassion and giving illustrations from Rachels life and journals.
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Rachel Joy Scott

Rachel's Challenge: Make Your Life a Chain Reaction of Kindness

Rachel Joy Scott August 5, April 20, was an American student and the first victim of the Columbine High School massacre , in which 11 other students and a teacher were also murdered by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold , who then committed suicide. She was posthumously the subject and co-writer of several books and the inspiration for Rachel's Challenge , an international [4] [5] school outreach program and the most popular school assembly program in the U. She was the third of five children born to Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo. Scott's entire family are devout Christians. Rachel's parents divorced in ; they maintained a cordial relationship [10] and held joint custody of the children. As a child, Scott was an energetic, sociable girl, who displayed concern for the well-being of others, particularly if they were downcast or otherwise in need. At Columbine, she was an attentive, above-average student who displayed a flair for music, acting, drama, and debate.

Creating a school climate less susceptible to harassment, bullying and violence is possible. We see it happening in socioeconomically and demographically diverse schools across North America every day. But that was only the beginning of the story. After her death, many students that Rachel reached out to shared stories with the Scotts about the profound impact her simple acts of kindness had on their lives; even preventing one young man for taking his own life. Her vision to start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion is the basis for our mission: Making schools safer, more connected places where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect; and where learning and teaching are awakened to their fullest.

The Supposed Martyrdom Of Rachel Scott

Rachel was born in Denver, Colorado, in August She was the middle of five children with two older sisters: Bethanee and Dana; and two younger brothers: Craig and Mike. Rachel was energized by people. This love expressed itself in an outgoing personality; but also in a heartfelt compassion for people in pain. Rachel learned the power of simple compliments and acts of kindness at an early age. In high school she deliberately reached out to three groups of people and wrote about it in her diary.

I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion then it will start a chain reaction of the same. I had my ups and downs and I fell a few times, but I did not give. Don't give up. Don't let your character change color with your environment. Find out who you are and let it stay it's true color.


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