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Published 01.04.2019

Big Questions Ep. 17: Rutgers University

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is a leading national research university and the state of New Jersey's preeminent, comprehensive public institution.

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New system reliability models and analysis tools are being developed to aid in the successful development and commercialization of certain novel and evolving technologies. System reliability analyses, involving multiple failure processes, are important and challenging research topics, particularly when failure processes, such as degradation processes and random shocks, are competing and dependent. When component degradation models are extended to complex systems with multiple components, different perspectives of dependency should be considered in system reliability modelling. In this research, potential dependence patterns are investigated among multiple failure processes within and among components in systems and probabilistic models are developed to assess system reliability performance. For the reliability modeling of complex systems, if one component in the system degrades or fails prematurely, it is possible that other components will also degrade or fail prematurely given the shared working environment, which means component failure times are dependent. Existing system reliability models are extended to perform quantitative analyses for system reliability considering that the damages to the two failure processes caused by shocks are dependent.

Institute case studies about applicants. It is located in Newark, New Jersey. Case studies Institute case studies about applicants. With its five residential campuses, Rutgers University—New Brunswick offers students a variety of housing options. Each campus offers a distinct living experience, with choices ranging from large, lively residence halls to small, intimate houses. Call INFO, ask a question via email, or chat via instant-messaging. Vast Options and a Vibrant Community Living on campus means experiencing the Rutgers community—studying for exams alongside your roommates, sharing late-night munchies in the lounge, and participating in events planned by friends down the hall.

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Recommender systems aim to identify content of interest from overloaded information by exploiting the opinions of a community of users. Developing personalized recommender systems in mobile and pervasive environments is more challenging than developing recommender systems from traditional domains due to the complexity of spatial data, the unclear roles of context-aware information, and the increasing availability of environment-sensing capabilities. In this talk, we introduce the unique features that distinguish pervasive personalized recommendation systems from classic recommendation systems. An examination of major research needs in pervasive personalized recommendation research reveals some new opportunities for personalized recommendation in mobile and pervasive applications. Hui Xiong received his Ph. His general area of research is data and knowledge engineering, with a focus on developing effective and efficient data analysis techniques for emerging data intensive business applications. He has served regularly in the organization committees and the program committees of a number of international conferences and workshops.


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