The manual how to have a number one

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the manual how to have a number one

The Manual (How to Have a Number One the Easy Way) by Jimmy Cauty

This unparalleled expose of the pop-music scene is the unexpurgated reissue of a rare, long-out-of-print book on how to make it to the top of the official UK charts.First published in 1988, the book explains in minute detail all the steps needed to guarantee success. Along with much iconoclastic advice, the authors also provide practical tips on the mechanics of financing, producing, and promoting a pop hit.
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Instruction Manual Number One: Washing the Flags

How to Have a Number 1 Single, According to These Really Specific Rules

The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu reveal their zenarchistic method used in making the unthinkable happen. In their book, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty lay out a detailed plan for how to have a novelty pop No. With a top spot already under their belt the duo was convinced enough of their guide to even offer a money-back guarantee to anybody who would not score a 1 single after meticulously following the steps layed out. The book also serves as an excellent guide to the music industry and the rules of pop, as well as a description of the fun that Bill and Jimmy had being The Timelords. In retrospect Bill has admitted that The Manual was obviously never meant as an infallible step-by-step guide to guaranteed chart success but to give the reader a push into the right direction instead. Austrian dance band Edelweiss are probably the most prominent example of another artist scoring a Number One by following the Golden Rules.

It purported to help anyone reach the summit of the charts irrespective of talent as long as they followed "the golden rules". Discordian pranksters that they are, the KLF deleted their entire back catalogue when they retreated from the pop game in the 90s, though thankfully "Doctorin' the Tardis" survives on YouTube. As you can see, in you could take seemingly incongruous elements — the theme from Doctor Who and now-convicted paedophile Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll" — weld them together, then just film a Ford Galaxie police car careening around the escarpments of Westbury for the video and — voila! Amazingly the next year, Austrian band Edelweiss proved the formula was no fluke when they sold 5 million copies of "Bring Me Edelweiss", mashing up Abba's "SOS" with some yodelling. They'd followed the German translation of The Manual to the letter.

Amazingly, this book has actually worked. This book is part instruction manual, part diary and part story of the time Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty embarked.
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The Manual by The KLF

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Skip to main content. Part dissection of the current state of the music industry, part comedic rant and part actual guide to producing a bona fide hit, the book opened with a bold promise in capital letters for extra emphasis :. With other acolytes including noughties British girl group The Pipettes, Chumbawumba and Klaxons, the reach of this jokey yet acute little oddity extended further than many might have first expected. But how well might it stand up now? With the technological advances in production, distribution, publicity and more since the late s, do The Timelords still have anything to teach a new generation of hit-hungry hopefuls?


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