How long would it take to count to 7 billion

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how long would it take to count to 7 billion

Seven Billion and Counting: The Crisis in Global Population Growth by Michael Andregg

October 31, 2011, marked an uneasy milestone for Planet Earth. On this day, the global population surpassed seven billion. What does that mean for a world that, until the nineteenth century, was home to less than one billion people? Experts say it means the planet is in trouble. Some wonder if Earth will even be able to sustain human life at its current rate of growth.

Will there be enough food for everyone? Will conflicts over land increase? How will the environment be affected? Can humanity survive the predicted disasters?

More than a simple case of running out of space, the population crisis is interwoven with a host of other issues--from climate change and resource management to war, disease, and poverty. Discover how all these factors converge to place an entire planet in crisis mode--and explore what sort of responses that crisis may require.
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How long would it take to count to 1 trillion?-Fun with big numbers

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Michael Andregg

How long does it take to count to 1 million? 1 billion? 1 trillion?

Math [ Privacy Policy ] [ Terms of Use ]. Here's how I came up with that figure: To count to 1 billion would take ,, seconds, because the timer would start as soon as the person says "one", one second would have passed when the person says "two," and so on. Divide ,, by that figure for the number of years. Then divide the remainder which has to be less then a year by the number of seconds in a day for the number of days. If you keep doing this, eventually you get down to the number of minutes, and the remainder of that will give you the number of seconds.

Millions and Billions: How Big is That? Comprehending Large Numbers. Some things are measured in millions and billions. There are millions of miles between the earth and the sun, and millions of stars in the sky. New movies often sell millions of dollars in tickets during their first week at a theater. Dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years ago.

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Overview: In these scenarios and this activity, students get a sense of how big a billion really is. This is necessary in order to understand deep time. Materials: pages of asterisks or no materials at all page of 4, asterisks Advance Preparation:. Procedure: To set the stage for understanding what a billion is, select from the following scenarios to share with the students:. Or you could take a little cross-country trip. If you start your journey in Seattle, WA you could head for

All rights reserved. INDIA: Its steaming streets crammed with vendors, pedestrians, and iconic Ambassador taxis, Kolkata throbs with some 16 million people— and more pour in every day from small towns. In only three cities worldwide topped ten million. Its lens, no bigger than a small raindrop, magnified objects hundreds of times. Leeuwenhoek had made it himself; nobody else had one so powerful.


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    There was lots of interest in the calculator to estimate counting time in English to one million, one billion and up to one trillion.

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