How to be joyful always

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how to be joyful always

Be Joyful Always: How to Overcome Depression by J. A. Nelson

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Published 20.03.2019

How to Live Joyfully No Matter What - Sadhguru

Be joyful always; pray continually.
J. A. Nelson


Scripture Reading: 1 Thessalonians Make sure that nobody pays back wrong for wrong, but always try to be kind to each other and to everyone else. This past week, I was talking with a truck driver that was delivering to my store. I could sense that this man was different; there was something about him that led me to believe that he was a Christian. About four months earlier this same man came to my store at 7am on a Friday morning. As we were preparing to unload the merchandise, we saw a dog running loose with a leash attached, across the street at a busy intersection. This man asked me if I would allow him to go and try to retrieve the dog so that a car would not hit it. I told him to go ahead because I was also worried that the dog would run out into the busy street.

Call us today! Joy is holy. Joy is strength. Joy is life. You are joyful, and your joyfulness pleases God. The more joy you have, the holier you are.

First, that you should experience joy! Paul is writing to folks who had experienced persecution and knew there was more coming, people who were grieving the loss of loved ones, people experiencing all the stuff of life. There is a joy that is yours that can never be taken away. Be joyful always. You cannot do this without him. God has graciously laid hold of your life — he has chosen you

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Hold on to the good. - This day is holy to our Lord.

Getting away helps me appreciate what I have. And thanksgiving is mandatory. Thanksgiving helps me focus on the full half of my cup rather than the empty, and sometimes it fills my cup to overflowing. The practice of thankfulness also prepares me for the less than pleasant seasons. Our family has experienced easy seasons and very difficult ones—years filled with grief and strife.

Are you moving too fast to enjoy life? Are you caught up in problems and struggles? Are you pressing forward on automatic, burning the candle at both ends? Even with the best of intentions, before we know it, we find ourselves moving mindlessly through life. We go through the motions, taking care of obligations, inhabiting habit patterns, and meanwhile longing for a time when the to-do list is empty. Our minds are caught in mental whirlwinds while we are missing out on what is already here. Joyful living takes commitment.



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