How to become a great boss

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how to become a great boss

How to Become a Great Boss: The Rules for Getting and Keeping the Best Employees by Jeffrey J. Fox

Loy Machedo’s Book Review - How to Become a Great Boss by Jeffrey J. Fox

With 50 Short Chapters, Catchy Phrases, Motivational Content and Simplistic Material Jeffrey J. Fox shares whatever wisdom he has to share and calls it a day. I think the chapters title would sum up the whole book for you, namely,

1. Only hire top-notch, excellent people.
2. Put the right people in the right job. Weed out the wrong people.
3. Tell the people what needs to be done.
4. Tell the people why it is needed.
5. Leave the job up to the people youve chosen to do it.
6. Train the people.
7. Listen to the people.
8. Remove frustration and barriers that fetter the people.
9. Inspect progress.
10. Say Thank you publicly and privately.

The Great Stuff:
- Very Simple & Easy To Read
- Principles that can be Applied
- Highly recommend book for Newbie Managers or Leaders

Not-So-Great Stuff:
- Old Wine in a New Bottle Approach
- For Experienced Managers / Leaders, you may not find this book as a ‘revelation’.
- The Author can be looked upon more as a Theory-Creator, one who creates theories, than as a Principle-Applicator i.e. who has applied the rules.

Overall Verdict
For new comers, managers and young leaders, this book is a gift. Would give them nuggets of wisdom that would serve them in the long run. However, for those who are successful and experienced, this book serves only as a mild minty mouth refresher that soon loses its minty freshness into the routine taste of experience.

Overall Rating
6 out of 10.

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The Great Boss Simple Success Formula: Companies Do What the Boss Does How to Become a Great Boss and millions of other books are available for.
Jeffrey J. Fox

How to Become a Great Boss: The Rules for Getting and Keeping the Best Employees

Not everyone knows how to be a great boss. But most can tell you a story about enduring a bad one. We spend a third of our lives with our employees and co-workers so why not try to create an environment that encourages fun and supports productivity. Not everyone knows how to be the boss but successful managers have figured out what it takes to encourage and motivate employees. So what makes a great boss? Employees go to work and want to make a difference and do a good job. This is done by showing a clear line connection between what the employee does on a day-to-day basis and how it supports the mission of the organization.

That being said, about half of workers have left a job to get away from a manager, according to a Gallup poll. Not only does it keep you from moving up the ranks, but it could cost you talented employees, not to mention future job opportunities. Follow the strategies below to keep your work team happy—and on the job. So before you assign new projects or tasks, be sure to set clear expectations, and follow up with emailed instructions, if necessary. Then, schedule regular check-ins so that you—and they—are on the same page.

There are a lot of bad bosses out there—that's no surprise. But what gets lost in the midst of trying to stop an awful lot of bad behaviors is the fact that there are a fair number of good bosses out there as well. Good bosses focus a lot of energy on communication, as they should! They transparently communicate with their team members individually and together as a collective unit to make sure everyone has the information they need. Perhaps they even regularly open the floor for questions and collaboration to bring the team along and get their buy-in. But what you say is only half the battle. The difference between waiting to talk and truly listening is deeply misunderstood in the professional world, even by bosses with the best intentions.

Some get to be boss by luck and others earn their way into the driver's seat. Unfortunately, many people become a boss without getting proper training to manage. There is no sinister conspiracy at work--sometimes entrepreneurs focused on taking a product to market or heirs to family businesses find themselves in charge without knowing how to effectively manage people.
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1. Find ways to motivate your people.

Some people earn their way into leadership roles, while others become bosses by luck. Unfortunately, many bad bosses think employees like them and are surprised when conversations suddenly stop when they enter a room. The solution is to assess your team and come up with intermediate goals, then encourage your team to accomplish the objectives so that they can gain confidence. You can then raise the bar after they have achieved the previously set goals. In fact, you can also train your employees on executive resume writing as a way of helping encouraging employee growth. A great boss works on building trust with team members.

It is said that great bosses inspire their employees to perform well and be loyal to their organization. These qualities play a tremendous role in the long-term scheme of things when you are looking at achieving and maintaining success in business. Set high standards for communication, productivity, and professionalism throughout your organization. During periods when these standards are not met, avoid assigning blame and singling out poor performance, as these responses only call attention to the problems. Don't lower your standards, instead, partner with your employees and take on challenges as a team. Enlist your employees' input to identify blocking issues, focus attention on possible solutions, and strive to meet and exceed expectations.


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