How did rod serling die

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how did rod serling die

Rod Serling (Author of Stories from the Twilight Zone)

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Published 14.03.2019

It Has Begun! - Amazing UFO Documentary Narrated By Rod Serling (Twilight Zone)

Rod Serling

Television writer-producer Rod Serling died Saturday, two days after undergoing open-heart surgery at Strong Memorial Hospital, the hospital said. He was He was hospitalized in Ithaca, N. Serling was readmitted to the hospital June 6 and was placed in the intensive care unit for an undisclosed illness. He underwent 10 hours of open-heart surgery Thursday at Strong Memorial and apparently suffered a mild heart attack during the operation.

Though Serling was contracted to write most of the scripts for Zone during its five-year run from to , it was impossible to tackle every single episode. At first, the multiple-time Emmy winner wanted to give new writers a chance to break into the business. But when the show received over 14, submissions —most of them either unread or deemed unsuitable—he learned to depend on authors like Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont, and George Clayton Johnson for story springboards or full scripts. Serling also sought out the talents of sci-fi giants like Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury. No dubbing was needed: the short was virtually silent, and its haunting cinematography was a perfect fit for the show. The year prior, it had won an Oscar for Best Short Subject.

As a writer, a producer, and for many years a teacher, Serling challenged the medium of television to reach for loftier artistic goals. The winner of more Emmy Awards for dramatic writing than anyone in history, Serling expressed a deep social conscience in nearly everything he did. The son of a butcher, he joined the army after graduating from high school in His experiences of the working-class life of New York, and the horrors of World War II enlivened in him a profound concern for a moral society. After returning from the service, Serling enrolled as a physical education student at Antioch College, but before long realized that he was destined for more creative endeavors.


One of television's brightest, most literate pioneers and a true believer in the medium, Rod Serling was known as the "angry young man" of Hollywood early on in his career, clashing with studios and sponsors in his quest to loosen the corporate grip of censorship and write freely on controversial topics. The man would maintain that outspokenness as an artist and a thinker throughout his career. Today, the acclaimed writer is most revered for having had the ability to produce works of drama that probe the human psyche in an imaginative and thoroughly unique way, many demonstrating a deep love for humanity and the belief in the possibility of a better tomorrow. Serling enlisted in the U. Army the morning after his high school graduation. Sent to the Pacific theatre, Serling fought on the Philippine island of Leyte, was part of the force that took Manila back from the Japanese and later was assigned to the occupation force in Japan. Image: therodserlingzone.

In , he won his first Emmy, for writing the TV business drama Patterns. In , he turned to the sci-fi fantasy genre, with The Twilight Zone. In , he co-wrote the screenplay for Planet of the Apes. Serling died in Rochester, New York, on June 28, Over the course of his career, he wrote scripts and won six Emmys. When Serling was 2 years old, he and his family moved to the quiet college town of Binghamton, where his dad Sam opened a grocery store. Contrary to his intention, he ended up becoming a paratrooper in the Pacific theater.


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