How old is ray peat

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how old is ray peat

Mind and tissue: Russian research perspectives on the human brain by Ray Peat


What is so strikingly missing from our own age: theories about cooperative action, community, and the human appetite for political, social and moral lives.

On interpretation of Freuds work: we eliminate the visionary and implicitly moral aspects of the work, forget its speculative beauty and the generosity of its hope, and the end result is a theory of the self in which the SELF IS ONLY UNDERSTOOD IN ISOLATION FROM, NOT IN RELATION TO, THE WORLD AROUND IT.

What interests me about Pavlov is the way in which the force of nature is seen at work both in the organism as a whole and in the individual cell, and in which these seem simultaneously present in one another. Nature is miniaturized, and it materializes at the very core of being, in its smallest parts. It opens, inwardly, into an internal universe as extensive as the macrocosmic, external one, so that we seem to grow in size. What Freud restored to the mind, Pavlov restored to tissue. It is there too that mystery resides and vision can be found, and that is the source of power.

He (Ray Peat) understands that vision is a collective act, a communal work: not the romantic solitary hero working alone to save the work, but a community of persons moved by a vision shared among them and theirs by nature, by virtue of their humanity.

The hardest thing in the world for a person may be to free himself of his double, his automatic tendency to see himself, his faults, his shortcomings, his secret deviance in everyone he meets... And only from the moment when the double is overcome is the road open to free communication with another!
- Ukhtomskii on Dostojewski

The most insignificant little European-type person bears the embryo of delusions of grandeur because he has been seized by the epidemic of self-affirmation with a fateful incapacity to see in his neighbor and existence in the world equal in value to his own.

Creativity is treated as an ESSENTIAL human trait, part of the human need for self-realization through productive work.

VISUAL IMAGERY is considered to be the basis of creative intelligence.

IQ tests are not widely used in Soviet Union, since IQ is believed to reflect the level of social opportunity.

The Soviet concept of ORIENTING/EXPLORATORY REFLECT = #1 most important single holistic informing principle in biology and psychology.

A familiar environment frees the energies for other purposes, which (especially in apes and humans) may be a search for unfamiliar things.

Learning not only requires awareness, but images are directly able to evoke some of the autonomic responses that are appropriate for that situation. For example, thinking of a frightening event will make the heart beat harder; thinking of heat can make blood vessels in the skin dilate.

The integrity of the organism requires opportunity for exploration, for freedom.

Californian researchers found that rats brains grow when their environment is enriched.

The exercise of the exploratory reflex seems to make more energy available. As long as the world remains a source of new knowledge, the brain will react to novelty with a continued increase of exploratory energy.

Pavlov understood that the conditional reflex to be an intelligent brain process which allows the organism to adapt itself to the world, but also allows it to modify the world to suit its needs for freedom, dignity, morality, and mental exploration.

Pavlov called intellectuals dominated by the second signalling system: language. They arent quite home in this world according to Pavlov.
The type of person who grasps the world clearly and strongly Pavlov called the artistic type, dominated by the first signaling system, perception.

Sexual energy must be expressed in imaginative fullness, with regard to all of human existence.

Wild animals have larger brains than caged ones, which implies that LIFE AND FREEDOM ARE BRAIN STIMULANTS. Problems are opportunities. People can be the richest kind of opportunities, the most stimulating kind of problem. To do this they have to arouse tension. This is not to advocate competition. Competition tries to eliminate the problem by defeating an opponent, and can exist only in the armored character, which allows energy to flow in one direction, and which cant tolerate tension. An opponent friend is one who INSPIRES you, who makes you gasp for breath and resolution.

William Blake saw a failure of self-love, a failure of energy, as one of the things that can lead to dominance of the rationalization process (which leads to Newtons sleep).

The discovery that COFFEE will control hyperactivity in children seems to relate to caffeines ability to produce inhibition, as well as excitation - the effect depends both on the dose and the prior state of the tissue.

Blood sugar seems to be low in migraine, so that some people find that eating a large amount of ICE CREAM can interrupt the symptoms.

It has been estimated that the brain uses 25% of the bodys energy and it is almost completely dependent on glucose for its energy.

Importance of SLEEP in degenerative diseases!

A proper balance between excitation and inhibition seems to be a factor in recovery from most diseases.

The brain, with its extremely high energy requirements, is usually the first to suffer from energy deprivation.

Function builds structure, and structure produces function.

REST + NUTRITION + APPROPRIATE STIMULATION are at the center of scientific medicine.

Stimulated regeneration.

Therapy for the mind implies therapy for the body and the world.

Salvador Dali for study of sleep and dreams.

In alertness animals use oxygen more efficiently to produce energy.

Both metabolic and social events can influence the wholeness and intensity with which we interact with the world, and can promote an energy wasting state or a condition of growth towards greater wholeness and intensity.

Freedom literally makes the brain grow?

Learn to be curious about disturbing facts = let simple but peculiar events guide us into new patterns of meaning, new ways of being.

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Dr. Ray Peat - Thyroid, Hypothyroidism & Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise to Fix it!

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Ray Peat

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Was the only difference between them the calorie restriction? Your dad tolerated gluten well Old, but I wanted to say the difference was likely that she had children. After pregnancy, a woman's thyroid often tanks which, if never corrected, can lead to exactly the issues his mother experienced. Women also experience hormonal fluctuation on a daily basis for decades. Our homeostasis is always changing and so it is much more vulnerable to going off balance. Your story has served to inspire my wife and I to stay the course.

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According to Dr. Thus harmful degenerative processes occur instead of repair and healing when there is a lack of cellular energy production. Our diet recommendations are based on the revolutionary research f Dr. Ray Peat ,whom for more than 40 years has researched the interplay between thyroid function and foods. August 30 New article on the benefits and caution of DHEA supplements, has been added to articles. Interview on thyroid function, including principals of an energy supportive diet and thyroid supplementation.


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