How to be a gangsta girl

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how to be a gangsta girl

My Gangsta Girl: Down to Ride by Kiara Neufville

Have you ever been down on your last leg and you didnít know where to turn? What started off as a fresh start in the DMV soon turned into a nightmare for Wynter aka Smiley. Wynter was known as the law biding citizen until she connected with bad boy Bernard.

Bernard is known to be bold, calculated, and extremely cold-hearted. Bernard isnít the type to fall in love. Since the day his parents were killed in cold blood Bernard has been heartless and fearless. Bernard makes his appearance known in the streets and doesnít hesitate to get what he wants. Being at the top you canít have everything. Once he realizes that will it be too late?

Who knew someone so dangerous could be so irresistible. While Bacari is trying to have no regrets in the streets and live his best life he ends up on the other side. Out of the brothers Heís the youngest but heís not cold hearted. Bacari hasnít met his match until he met Kalysha, Wynters best friend. The two became inseparable until the odds turned against them.

Kalysha aka Baby wasnít a baby by far. She got the name from having a baby face and a tiny voice. Donít mistake her baby face or voice though. Kalysha has bark and bite and told it how it is. Kalysha wasnít green to the game like Wynter so getting involved with Cari came natural until drama plagues the couple. Both are strong and dominant in relationships.

Will both couples survive everything that life throws at them, or will the drama succeed in breaking up the newfound couples? Love in the streets has never been easy.
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How to Look Like a Bad Girl

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You wanna be a true gangsta. Than take this is the quiz for you to take. You wanna roll with the big dogs? Well find out here maybe if your gangsta enough you can chill with me and my crew. Well find out after you take my Gangster quiz.

Stand for something or Fall for anything.. Im down with my babe 4 life.. I might have posted I m a wanksata but you ladies know I was being a pranksta I don't want any one think im not down for mines MY opinion of a gangsta girl is one who is down for whatever no matter what the consquence is.. I used to be a gangsta girl.. Cause now consquences do matter cause what i do affect my family as a whole especially my lil one.

Do you need to dress up like a female gangster for a costume event? The methods in this step-by-step guide can help you get started.
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So you want to be a gangster, huh? I used college ruled paper in high school, watched PG movies at age eight ó hell, I even got banned from Chuck E. Here are the steps you must take, to fulfill your destiny as a gangster.

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    Oct 9, How to Dress Like a Gangster Girl. Common gangster girl accessories include bandanas, hoop earrings, sunglasses Dress Like a Gangsta.

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    A girl that makes her own money by hustling, slanging. A girl that doesn't need to suck dick to be rolling in money. Tough female that can beat you the fuck down.

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