Native american rock art symbols

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native american rock art symbols

A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest by Alex Patterson

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Native American Rock Art--Ancient Calendar- Archaeoastronomy site


Millett, Eldon G. Lytle, and John P. Reprinted from Meridian Magazine 27 Nov All rights Reserved. Index, Home.

T hroughout the ages, native peoples around the world have left their symbolic art in the form of rock writings, wood and stone carvings, weavings and pottery designs. These images from the remote past, though ultimately indecipherable, are rich with symbolic meaning. From my home in New Mexico I travel extensively, visiting sites throughout the world and collecting images for my art work. Inspiration may come from an Australian Aboriginal pictograph, or a piece of North American pottery, an Ice Age cave painting in Europe or a stone carving from Mexico. These primitive images and the mythologies which imbue them are compelling, for they hint of a time when man- and woman-kind connected directly with the spirit world, calling on invisible energies for protection, health, fertility and well-being. I would like my artwork to suggest that a magical interaction with mystery is possible in this age. All artwork contained in this web site is the property of Ginny Hogan.

Simple Guide to Rock Art Symbols

Native American Rock Art

Forms include lines, dots, numbers, letters, human, animal, supernatural beings or astronomical images. They are found throughout the world and can date as far back as tens of thousands of years ago. Although it is often times called rock art , don't let the name fool you. Native American rock art provides us with many clues in our search for the history of the continent's native inhabitants. The painted or carved symbols are not writing, as we know it, but they were created to convey information, to tell a story or legend. Their meanings are not always known, and are sometimes debated among scholars. So when you think of a petroglyph, imagine someone hitting the google plus button long ago and sharing their personal story with you, with us.


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