When will prince william be king

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when will prince william be king

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Why Prince William Will Never Be King Before Prince Charles

We previously discussed how the Duchess of Cambridge will get a new title when her father-in-law, Prince Charles, becomes king.
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Kate Middleton will get a very special title when Prince William's role changes

Her husband Prince William is likely to become King of England one day and when this happens, Kate's title will change significantly. It is possible that the mum of three could then be referred to as Queen Consort although things are likely to change before that. According to reports, William's title may change before that too as his father, Prince Charles, may pass on his title as Prince of Wales and so, Kate Middleton will then be referred to as the Princess of Wales. Of course, this is a very poignant choice as this title is synonymous with Princess Diana, William and Harry's mother. In fact, people have strong opinions on this prediction as it's difficult to imagine anyone else having a title that has always been associated with Princess Diana. In conversation with the Daily Star Online , royal experts made the prediction and it's sure to be of great interest to fans of the famous family.

Since Queen Elizabeth suffered an illness over the holidays, there's been a lot of hullabaloo about who will get their paws on the throne when the beloved monarch passes away. Elizabeth was only 25 when she took the throne after the death of her father, King George VI; she is currently the United Kingdom's longest-running monarch and doesn't seem to have any plans to give up her title voluntarily. But in the event of her retirement, abdication, or death, the current line of succession to the throne declares that her firstborn son, Prince Charles, would become king — and at 68, he would be the oldest heir to do so. So, where does that leave Charles's firstborn, Prince William? Seeing as the year-old is next in line for the throne after his father, it's possible that he could becoming king sooner than we think.

No one in the world knows the exact date that Prince William will become the King of England. It can be a tricky thing thinking about the line of succession. On one hand, most of the country loves Queen Elizabeth and would happily see her reign last for many more years. There will be a huge funeral and mourning across the nation. But most importantly, her death will mean that Prince Charles assumes the throne. Once Prince Charles becomes King Charles or likely some other name he chooses , Prince William will probably get a new title, too.

Find out if Prince William will become king before Prince Charles.
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What Prince William’s name could be when he becomes king

The American public is more obsessed than ever with the British royal family. Starting with Princess Diana , when the royal family started to become more relatable, they have been the subject of countless headlines, documentaries, and social media fan accounts. William, in particular, is one of the most popular members of the royal family, and many have been speculating in recent years that William could soon ascend to the throne , despite not being next in the line of succession. Queen Elizabeth II has been ruling the country for well over 60 years and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. However, there is a definite plan in place for the line of succession.

With Queen Elizabeth II being on the throne for so long nearly 70 years! So what would change if William became king? Kind of a lot. Here are some pretty interesting things we can come to expect when that happens:. In the U.


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    Queen Elizabeth II is 93 now, and will hold the title of monarch until she passes away.

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