Vintage industrial living room ideas

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vintage industrial living room ideas

Vintage Industrial: Living with Machine Age Design by Misha De Potestad

An exquisitely illustrated celebration of this influential style that is now at the forefront of interior design. Vintage Industrial covers the period from 1900 to 1950, which produced the raw, functional aesthetic that has become a cornerstone of modern design. The advent of the second industrial revolution created the need for a new kind of furniture to satisfy the demands of a rapidly growing workforce. Chairs, tables, lamps, and modular storage were designed from new materials to be mass-produced, stackable, and adjustable to the developing needs of brand-new industries that in turn were manufacturing the products that would define a changing society. These pieces, that inform a reclaimed style, are now highly popular among collectors and interior designers. This volume celebrates the engineers who shaped the industrial aesthetic as the unsung heroes of modern design and showcases their creations. By discovering ways to work iron and steel into functional forms, luminaries such as Bernard-Albin Gras, George Carwardine, Jean Prouve, and Edouard-Wilfred Buquet sparked a revolution in the way we think about our built environment. Five chapters—on lighting, seating, tables, storage, and curiosities—describe the major innovations and designs from the period and include stunning photography depicting these objects in homes, workshops, factories, and warehouses. Meticulously curated, this elegant book is an informative style guide and source of inspiration for how to live with industrial design.
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30 Industrial Living Room Design Ideas

Living room designs are great and living rooms can be a wonderful place to put all your energy in what concerns decoration.
Misha De Potestad

Vintage Industrial Decor

Today we have a selection of industrial living rooms for you to be inspired. Industrial environments are always spacious and normally they are built by rough materials like bricks and concrete. Meet the Atomic table developed by Delightfull , this black and modern table lamp can be used as a pendant light or a wall lamp. This contemporary design light has non-conventional molecular forms that will make the lovers of science fall in love for it. When planning your interior lighting design should take into account the type of lights that each lamp can give out in order to create a harmonious environment. But concrete walls or brick walls really are a must have if your aim is to achieve the most amazing industrial home design.

That is because classic items like teak consoles, vintage globes, and hanging chairs add charm and character to modern spaces. In fact, incorporating a mix of decorative styles from different eras is one of the tricks of the trade for professional designers. But that does not mean one must spend a stack of cash to infuse a space with retro style. A retro striped camping blanket adds to the sofa's charming appeal. On the right is a burgundy leather armchair from the s. Several entryway essentials make this tiny foyer by the designers at Studio McGee so appealing. The iron and leather bench is an industrial charmer.

A rustic design can make any home feel like a cottage nestled in the countryside. From vintage coffee tables to handmade decor, there are many ways that you can incorporate rustic pieces into your living room. If you want turn your room into a country retreat, these rustic living room design ideas will help you. Use the filters below to help you find the right rustic living room decor for you. With your idea in hand, you can begin designing your cozy rustic living room.

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Decide whether you want a light and airy grey living room decor or deep and dramatic, then look for paint and furnishings in varying tones of the same shade. Either keep it monochrome or inject some colour. Pastels make light greys pop, whilst darker greys are brought to life with bold accents and all greys can benefits from a hint of metallics. As you can see in the image, modern living room design and minimalism goes hand in hand. The clean, sharp lines of modern furniture and accessories look their best in a pared back setting so use a less is more mentality when choosing new pieces. A black and white scheme with a subtle splash of accent colour highlights the sleek sophistication of this style even more.


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