Can horses see at night

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can horses see at night

The Night Horses by Anaka Jones

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley.

This cute little book details the adventures of horses during the night. The reader is first introduced to the horses during the day. Soon the reader sees what the horses do at night, and it isn’t your normal horse behavior.

I admit, I wasn’t too fond of the idea of describing two of the horses as married. Despite this, the charm of the book lies in the details that pop in the artwork. There are all types of little details and jokes that pop up in the art work. Enough that an adult reading it to a child will get some humor out of it.
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Horses, Peacefully Farting and Snoring

Sep 10, Horses have excellent night vision, and on a night lit by a partial moon or by bright stars alone, normally sighted horses can see as well as you.
Anaka Jones

Horse night vision compared to that of humans

Researchers already know that horses have the physical equipment for scotopic night vision, with more rods than cones and a reflective structure in the retina. Posted by Multiple Authors Oct 12, Article. Do you ever worry about being out on the trail after dark? It's a legitimate concern; after all, if humans can't see well in low light, how well can a horse? Experience tells us that they continue to graze, interact, and move about at night. Wild mustangs can even be seen running at full gallop over rough terrain while negotiating sagebrush, rocks, hills, and gullies with only starlight to guide them. Note: this photo was taken in full light for enhanced photo quality, but all testing for scotopic vision was carried out in low-light conditions.

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It will forever be a mystery as to exactly what horses see, although scientists have studied the components of their eye and have gained a further understanding of what they are capable of. With their head held at normal height, they possess an almost degree field of vision around them — with only a small blind spot in the rear, the forehead and below their nose. They only see two of the three visible wavelengths in the light spectrum, meaning that red or orange colours may appear as greenish or brownish in the eyes of a horse. Horses are able to see much better at night then we do due to them having more of the structures that pick up light. These structures that improve their vision in dim light include; a larger pupil arranged as a rectangular slit; reflective tapetum acting as an internal reflector ; an increased amount of rod photoreceptors. Their complications with colours may be the reason that their vision is so good at night. As horses are very defensive in nature, their visual capabilities give them a greater advantage when detecting predators.

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    Can Horses See In the Dark? : Irish Sport Horse Magazine

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