Other ways to say he said

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other ways to say he said

He Said, She Said by Deborah Tannen

This sociological look at the difference in male and female speech is an excellent resource for managers of employees of both genders. For women who work in male-dominated fields such as the sciences or engineering, construction or law enforcement, it is an extremely helpful guide.

Little girls have been taught by American society not to situate themselves above other girls in hierarchy. Nobody likes a bossy girl, and the tall poppy gets her head lopped off. When a grown woman is given a compliment, instead of saying thank you, her knee-jerk reaction is often to say oh I got it at 75% off or I got lucky with those test questions. When someone tries to elevate them above their peer group, women have been conditioned to shrink them selves back down to the flat level of their contemporaries.

Lets say that you are an intuitive woman and know that you have been subjected to this sort of social pressure most of your life. You decide to stand up boldly and take credit for your own ideas. When you get praised for the new promotion, you say thank you, I have worked really hard for five years for this.

Sounds great, right? Maybe. The males around you and the females around you may not be as enlightened, and your neutral self-confidence might be seen as a braggarts self interest.

On the flipside, young boys are encouraged to best one another in their play. Sports and tussling on the playground show clear victors and clear losers. Instead of the flat social levels that girls are encouraged to keep, boys work in a hierarchy with generally one or two leaders. Other boys will try to ascend and increase their status, and that is acceptable. Consider two grown men who are friends but have not seen one another in a couple of months. After greeting each other, one man may comment on the others paunchy belly and comment that it looks like he has not been missing any meals. His friend will laugh but counter that at least he still has all of the hair on his head. The first man tries to scramble above his friend in playful jest, and the other knocks him back down to send him back to his position.

Can you IMAGINE one woman commenting that another female has gotten chubby and it going over well?

When a male is employed in a female dominated industry, perhaps in nursing, teaching, or design, the speech patterns that he has cultivated over his entire life might land him in a mine field with females in the office around him.

Because females have been conditioned to treat everyone as equals, a woman may unknowingly insult her superior if he is an older male - just by communicating with him as if he were her equal.

Men who have been conditioned to expect hierarchy often find themselves acting as yes men to their superior/supervisor. There is a horrifying example in her book that is the transcript of communication between a pilot and his copilot on a plane that tragically crashed into an icy river outside of Washington DC many years ago. The copilot had more experience flying in icy conditions and knew that things were not as they should be, but he did not question or challenge the pilots decision to proceed.
He did not think it his place to question his superior, and tragedy followed. Following this event and others, the aviation industry started putting its flight crews through communications training as part of its safety program.

Obviously, I am simplifying and generalizing how males and females speak with one another, but I found this book about communication styles to be excellent.
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Words to use instead of SAID

Synonyms for use adoption benefit handling help need operation practice purpose service treatment usage value account advantage appliance applicability appropriateness avail call capitalization cause convenience custom end exercise exercising exertion fitness good habit helpfulness mileage mobilization necessity object occasion point profit reason relevance serviceability usability usefulness utility way wont worth wear and tear MOST RELEVANT. Davis saw that there was no use in pursuing the subject, and it dropped. We'll use a part of them ourselves, and what we can't use I will give away. However, he was regularly engaged, and it was of no use for me to say anything against him. That seemed short enough—but after studying it, I says, What's the use of saying 'eat'? What was the use of all that noise and crowding and piggish hurry?

Learning a language is not just learning grammar and making sure that you reproduce the words in the correct order. Vocabulary is important , too. Within vocabulary, having a large number of words available to express a thought is important both to be precise and to add variety to your communication. But English is a rich language with hundreds of other verbs to get this idea across. Try to incorporate them into your own English and see how others will praise your efforts! In English, when someone says something, you have two options to share that information.

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