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iceberg slim books for sale

Pimp: The Story of My Life by Iceberg Slim

I bought this as an impulse purchase because it was displayed right next to the cash register at Shakespeare & Co. Id seen it in the AK Press catalog before, and that is probably what made me pick it up. Pimp is entertaining in a kind of trashy way. Its a biography about a part of life that many middle class suburban folks like me dont know anything about. I have no idea how truthful the book is, or if it is sensationalism, or maybe even utter bullshit like those confessional books written for priveleged teen fucks such as Jays Journal, or Go Ask Alice. I dont even know why in my mind these books are all linked together in someway, maybe because of the voyeuristic thrill a reader would get? I dont know. They are all cautionary, and in that way they all fail, two of them because they are obviously bullshit, and this one because after reading it Im sure all the good stuff the author got out of being a pimp outweighs the awfulness that followed. I imagine the reader who is setting out to follow in his pimping footsteps would also think he (or she I guess, today girls can be anything they want, even pimps if they want, right?) wouldnt make Mr. Slims mistakes.

The one thing that I did learn from this book, and its a lesson that will stay ingrained in my head for the rest of my life is that even the freakiest bitch dont like to be hit with a wire coat hanger thats been twisted into a metal whip. Even if the woman likes being smacked around, being beaten with the coat hanger will set her straight (straight meaning here spread her legs willingly for you, and then spread them for money which she will then give to you without cheating you of any of it). I will never forget this lesson, and Im sure one day Ill be old and senile, and people I have known for years will come visit me and Ill no idea who they are, and if I have grandchildren I wont know there names, but I will pull them close to me and tell them what to do with freaky bitches who wont do what they are told, and I hope when this day comes my family will find it cute, but they will probably just hate me and wish I was dead.
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Pimp: The Story of My Life - By Iceberg Slim (Audio Book)

Amazon Prime. Books By Iceberg Slim . The Naked Soul of Iceberg Slim Jan 1, Pimp: The Story Of My Life by Iceberg Slim () Jan 1,
Iceberg Slim

Pimp: The Story of My Life

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The writer and self-styled political prophet Iceberg Slim meant to fuel the black revolution. During the nineteen-seventies, Beck published three more novels and a collection of political essays, recorded a spoken-word LP, was profiled in magazines and newspapers, and became a bona-fide L. Having conned, cajoled, and terrorized his way through the underworld, Beck ironically proved to be a perfect mark for Holloway House, his longtime publisher, whose miniscule royalty checks never matched their extraordinary sales figures. Robert Moppins, Jr. But Iceberg Slim was born circa , following the assassination of Malcolm X and the uprising in Watts. Perhaps one day I can win respect as a constructive human being.

Iceberg Slim, also known as Robert Beck, was born in Chicago in and was initiated into the life of the pimp at age He briefly attended the Tuskegee Institute but dropped out to return to the streets of the South Side, where he remained, pimping until he was After several stints in jail he decided to give up the life and turned to writing, crafting most famously his autobiographical classic, Pimp: The Story of My Life. He died in A blueprint. A bible.

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Beck's novels were adapted into movies, and the imagery and tone of Beck's fiction have been acknowledged as an influence by several gangsta rap musicians, including Ice-T and Ice Cube , whose names are homages to Beck. Robert Maupin was born in Chicago , Illinois. He spent his childhood in Milwaukee , Wisconsin , and Rockford, Illinois , until he returned to Chicago. When his mother was abandoned by his father, she established a beauty shop and worked as a domestic to support both of them in Milwaukee. She earned enough money working in her salon to give her son the privileges of a middle-class life such as a college education, which at that time was difficult for the average person. Slim attended Tuskegee University in Tuskegee, Alabama , but having spent time in the "street culture", he soon began bootlegging and was expelled as a result. According to his memoir, Pimp , Slim started pimping at 18 and continued that pursuit until age

Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in. If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. A pimp who began writing in prison, Slim Pimp: Story of My Life filled his stories with the intricacies of pimping, drug dealing, numbers running and all manner of urban hustling, and between the mids and the mid '70s became the bestselling A former pimp, ex-con and all around hustler, the late Iceberg Slim ne Robert Beck wrote a series of underground bestsellers presenting a harrowing vision of African American ghetto life, rife with crime and personal betrayal.


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