Vor dem gesetz kafka english

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vor dem gesetz kafka english

Before the Law by Franz Kafka

Before the Law

This is a typical Kafka story that seduces by its style of putting into small narratives, metaphors that generate great and different interpretations. In my opinion, some points are central to this work:

1. We are subordinated to a hermetic law, inaccessible and that as much as we can reflect, question and seek the right questions, it will remain unexplained and still exist.

2. This law may be either the Law, or the law of human life.

3. Although this law is not understood, there will always be until our death, people who defend and protect it. Creating truths, illusions and hermetism.

4. This situation which is life itself is also the absurd in itself. Inside it we live and die, without necessarily understanding it, as old as we are and knowing all the details of who says that understands it.

5. Life and legal law carry the bureaucracy that distances us from reality and from any solution.

6. Each person has its own truth - or several truths.

Around these matters, Kafka provokes us in the sense of waiting, as Beckett did in a similar way in Waiting for Godot. Sometimes we wait our whole life for something, a hope, a discovery, a revelation between the lines, a greater secret - and often, not to say always in relation to life - there is nothing to hope for. But in another way, life is to be lived in all its grandeur.


Diante da Lei

Essa e uma tipica historia de Kafka que seduz pelo seu estilo de colocar em pequenas narrativas, metaforas que geram grandes e diferentes interpretacoes.
Na minha opiniao, alguns pontos sao centrais nessa obra:

1. Nos somos subordinados a uma lei hermetica, inacessivel e que por mais que possamos refletir, questionar e procurar as perguntas corretas, ela continuara sem explicacoes e mesmo assim continuara existindo.

2. Essa lei pode ser tanto o a Lei Juridica, ou a lei da vida humana.

3. Por mais que nao se compreenda essa lei, sempre existirao ate a nossa morte, pessoas que a defendem e a protegem. Criando verdades, ilusoes e hermetismo.

4. Essa situacao que e a propria vida e tambem o absurdo em si mesmo. Nela vivemos e morremos, sem necessariamente compreende-la, por mais velhos que sejamos e conhecedores dos detalhes de quem se diz entendedor dela.

5. A vida e a lei Juridica carregam a burocracia que nos afasta da realidade e de qualquer solucao.

6. Cada um tem sua propria verdade - ou varias verdades.

Em torno desses assuntos, Kafka nos provoca no sentido da espera, como Beckett fez de uma forma parecida em “Esperando Godot”. Esperamos a vida inteira por algo, alguma coisa, uma esperanca, uma descoberta, uma revelacao nas entrelinhas, um segredo maior - e muitas vezes, para nao dizer sempre - em relacao a vida - nao ha nada o que esperar. Mas sim viver em absoluto nela mesma.

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Kafka - leicht verstandlich

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Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka - Vor dem Gesetz

The Trial , however, was not published until , after Kafka's death. A man from the country seeks the law and wishes to gain entry to the law through an open doorway, but the doorkeeper tells the man that he cannot go through at the present time. The man asks if he can ever go through, and the doorkeeper says that it is possible "but not now" "jetzt aber nicht". The man waits by the door for years, bribing the doorkeeper with everything he has. The doorkeeper accepts the bribes, but tells the man that he accepts them "so that you do not think you have failed to do anything. Right before his death, he asks the doorkeeper why even though everyone seeks the law, no one else has come in all the years.

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