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nectar in a sieve cliff notes

Bombay Tiger by Kamala Markandaya

Set in the 1980s, Bombay Tiger tells the story of Ganguli—mercurial and larger-than-life—who arrives in Bombay with little more than ruthless ambition, and becomes the citys biggest industrialist. A Citizen Kane-like figure—destined to become one of the most memorable protagonists in Indian fiction—Ganguli is emblematic of a changing India, post the era of high socialism, beginning to be transformed by private enterprise. This sweeping novel, poignant and comic by turns, traces his dramatic rise and fall, his loves and losses, and his eventual redemption.
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Nectar In A Sieve - Part – 1 (CH_01)

The novel begins with Ruku Rukmani , the narrator, as an old woman reflecting on her past. Ruku tells us that she is now at peace although things have not always been so. After briefly mentioning those important to her her now dead husband, her son and daughter, Puli and Kenny , she begins to tell the story of her life.
Kamala Markandaya

Nectar in a Sieve Summary & Study Guide

The story follows the life of the narrator and heroine, Rukmani, who grows and matures through the clashing of the east and the west in post-independence India. Her tale begins when she is married at the age of twelve to a poor tenant farmer. However, despite having little and not owning his own land, her husband, Nathan, is very kind and loving towards her. Rukmani considers herself lucky to have been blessed with a kind and loving husband. The women of the village patiently teach her the ways of the land—how to grow vegetables, milk the goat, churn milk into butter and how to mull rice. While Rukmani and her husband want for little in the early days of their marriage, the first tragedy, and test comes when Rukmani bears a baby girl, and is unable to conceive again for the next seven years. Desperate to provide her husband with a male heir, Rukmani finally secretly visits a western doctor, Kenny, who had helped her mother in her final days.

Rukmani, an old woman, reflects on her life. The educated daughter of a village headman fallen on hard times, Rukmani is married at the age of twelve to Nathan, a tenant farmer. Nathan treats her with kindness and respect as she learns the chores her new life requires. Within a year they have a beautiful daughter, Ira, and good rice harvests. During the next six years, Rukmani does not conceive. Troubled that she cannot produce a son for Nathan, Rukmani visits her ill mother and there meets Kenny, a foreign doctor.


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    SparkNotes: Nectar in a Sieve

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    Our heroine begins her narration in the present, though her story will be about the past.

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    Nectar in a Sieve by Kamala Markandaya is a relatively short novel that introduces Western students to life in rural India and the changes that occurred during that country's British colonization.

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