Traditional wing chun wooden dummy

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traditional wing chun wooden dummy

Traditional Wooden Dummy: Ip Man?s Wing Chun System by Samuel Kwok

The Wing Chun wooden training dummy is a training device designed to correct technique and structure as well as increase power, speed, accuracy, and conditioning.
Learn the true Original Ip Manís Wing Chun Wooden Dummy form from Grandmaster Samuel Kwok. This book is a complete step-by-step guide to the Wooden Dummy hands techniques, legs application, and footwork. All the original sections are demonstrated clearly from start to finish, in different camera angles to facilitate easy and accurate learning. There also is a description of each segment and its most common training mistakes to improve not only your technique, but your level of understanding. In addition to teaching the skills on the wooden dummy, Grandmaster Samuel Kwok demonstrates the applications of the wooden dummy training techniques on a partner, giving an excellent idea of the combat effectiveness of each movement.
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Master Derek Jones Traditional Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu Program #3: Wooden Dummy Training Program

They are also called Wing Tsun Mook Jong. The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy also allows the student the opportunity to use his full striking strength, while at the same time toughening his bones, tissues, arms and legs. We have a variety of styles available, including wall-mounted, free-standing, spinning, spring-framed, and compact. The materials are shipped from one location in China to the manufacturer in Taiwan or Hong Kong depending on the type of wooden dummy , who constructs them and then ships them to us. During this time, the wood used is subjected to significant changes in humidity while moving from one location to another. This can cause the wood to expand and contract in transit and, in some cases, can cause the appearance of hairline cracks upon the wood's surface. These cracks are a natural occurrence and do NOT negatively effect the functionality or durability of the wooden dummy.

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Legend has it that in the days of the Shaolin Temple, there was a tunnel filled with wooden dummies, and the monks who completed their training were required to pass through this tunnel as one of their final exams. In deference to her training at the Shaolin Temple, she incorporated a training set using a single Wooden Dummy. This dummy set contains combat techniques, each one supposedly to represent the dummies that were in the Shaolin Temple. Whether or not these legends are true, it is true that the Wooden Dummy set in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu is an excellent way to develop the skills and co-ordination needed to become a proficient fighter. The Wooden Dummy is used to develop timing, arm and leg co-ordination, proper use and application of force, distance, judgment, footwork and to teach practitioners how to flow smoothly from technique to technique. It is also used to toughen the limbs, although this is not the primary function of the dummy.

This is sifu Alon Peterson at normal speed not fast motion video. I wish I could flow smoothly like that, don't you? And look at his smooth footwork. This is the goal when you train on a Wing Chun wooden dummy. To be an expert you need to practice your skill or art for at least 10, hours. A Wooden Dummy is similar to a tall piece of wood furniture. You have to put it somewhere and it's heavy, so you're not going to move it often.



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