Best bible for little girl

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best bible for little girl

The Sweetest Story Bible: Sweet Thoughts and Sweet Words for Little Girls by Diane Stortz

Celebrate all the sweet things that surround your little girl’s life: hearts and flowers, kittens and puppies, umbrellas and tea parties, kisses and hugs. Rejoice in the sweetest thing at the center of your little girl’s heart: God’s love.

The Sweetest Story Bible includes 40 carefully selected Bible stories to show just how much God loves your little girl. Featuring beautiful pictures and lots of stories usually not included in other childrens Bibles, this storybook Bible is a perfect way to introduce God’s Word to your sweet little daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

With just the right amount of pink and sparkles, The Sweetest Story Bible will quickly become one of your little girl’s favorite all time books, and your go-to gift to give any special little girl in your life.

The Sweetest Story Bible:

Includes sweet thoughts to help little girls see just how wonderful God’s love really is
Features easy Scripture verses to remember at the end of each story  to connect your daughter or granddaughter’s life to God’s Word
Makes the perfect Easter, First Communion, and birthday gift
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The Best Bibles for Babies

There are a countless array of books, devotionals, and even Bibles that are all geared towards children. And even some that are great for even the youngest child. In this list I will share with you some great options for Bibles for babies who are years old. In future posts I will share some more options for toddlers, preschoolers, and beyond. This is what is most important at this stage.

It is always so fun to curl up together and open the unturned pages in a new Bible for the first time. As our children grow …so does their attention span and understanding of these stories so I think it important to have age-appropriate Bibles in our home. I am thankful for these interpretations, however, because they help my little ones yearn to grow closer and know God more from a younger age. They take the Bible and make it accessible and developmentally-appropriate for even the tiniest of children. Even though babies will not understand or retain the baby Bible stories you read to them, I believe it is important for Christian families to make reading a Bible story a habit within days of welcoming your baby home.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. Today I want to share three things:. My husband and I lead a class for new parents at our church. Why is it so important to start this routine early on? Well, here are some of the benefits to beginning this routine from infancy or as soon as possible with your kids:. Remember, these are just storybooks, not the verbatim inspired word of God.

Why is it important to start reading the Bible early on?

It feels like just yesterday my kids were small enough to fit on my lap. It was such a precious time. Our evening routine consisted of bath time and snuggles while reading Bible stories together. As they got older, they began to read big kid Bibles on their own. The stories were more complex and included fewer pictures.

Young toddlers are at the age where they are very open and willing to hear about God. Their little hearts are so malleable and yearning to learn more about God. And even though it might seem like they are too young to understand much about God, they are soaking it in! They are soaking everything in from a very young age. And if your goal is to raise Godly kids who love and follow God then now is the time to start, when they are young and eager to learn about God. But when kids are young toddlers, they still have quite short attention spans.

Traditions and customs define people, their thoughts, and opinions, their lifestyle, etc. One such lifestyle is to choose a name and Christian or Biblical names are a mirror of passing down faith in the younger generations to come. There are other biblical references as well from where these names are taken. Christian names are a massive collection of Hebrew, Middle Eastern, or Islamic names and have known never to run out of fashion. Biblical girl names are popular ever since they came into being. The one thing that may have changed is their spellings, as people have begun to adopt new spelling for the same name to make it sound modern.


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    How to select a good children's Bible (and avoid the bad ones). . 2 – The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Little Ones – For ages: infants through age 2. Bonus: If you're looking for a girl version of the NIV, my 4th grade daughter is a big fan of the.

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