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our label is run by homos

Homos by Leo Bersani

Acclaimed for his intricate, incisive, and often controversial explorations of art, literature, and society, Leo Bersani now addresses homosexuality in America.

Hardly a day goes by without the media focusing an often sympathetic beam on gay life--and, with AIDS, on gay death. Gay plays on Broadway, big book awards to authors writing on gay subjects, Hollywood movies with gay themes, gay and lesbian studies at dozens of universities, openly gay columnists and even editors at national mainstream publications, political leaders speaking in favor of gay rights: it seems that straight America has finally begun to listen to homosexual America.

Still, Bersani notes, not only has homophobia grown more virulent, but many gay men and lesbians themselves are reluctant to be identified as homosexuals. In Homos, he studies the historical, political, and philosophical grounds for the current distrust, within the gay community, of self-identifying moves, for the paradoxical desire to be invisibly visible. While acknowledging the dangers of any kind of group identification (if you can be singled out, you can be disciplined), Bersani argues for a bolder presentation of what it means to be gay. In their justifiable suspicion of labels, gay men and lesbians have nearly disappeared into their own sophisticated awareness of how they have been socially constructed. By downplaying their sexuality, gays risk self-immolation--they will melt into the stifling culture they had wanted to contest.

In his chapters on contemporary queer theory, on Foucault and psychoanalysis, on the politics of sadomasochism, and on the image of the gay outlaw in works by Gide, Proust, and Genet, Bersani raises the exciting possibility that same-sex desire by its very nature can disrupt oppressive social orders. His spectacular theory of homo-ness will be of interest to straights as well as gays, for it designates a mode of connecting to the world embodied in, but not reducible to, a sexual preference. The gay identity Bersani advocates is more of a force--as such, rather cool to the modest goal of social tolerance for diverse lifestyles--which can lead to a massive redefining of sociality itself, and of what we might expect from human communities.
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In neighborhoods throughout the city and across a broad spectrum of New York life, the influence of homosexual men and women is being seen and felt more than ever before. The yearly Gay Pride March, scheduled for June 26, is only one sign of the broadened awareness of homosexuality and the changes it has brought over the last decade and a half. The staffs of major political figures include representatives to the homosexual community. Homosexual churches and neighborhood groups have attracted hundreds of members. And this month a successful Broadway play about a drag queen's search for the meaning of family life won two Tony awards. Still, there are quarters in which homosexuals encounter hostility, and many men and women continue to lead what they describe as double lives, ''gay'' at home and ''straight'' on the job.

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This paper seeks to determine the extent and manner in which the proscription of "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" under Section of the Indian Penal Code, makes criminals out of homosexuals. - Here today, gone tomorrow: Perusing Johan Kugelberg's list of "best" DIY punk singles from the Ugly Things zine is a lesson in the fleeting bursts of creativity and desperation every collector of rare shit must wade through. I've never really been bitten by the collector bug personally, but have known enough people who have that it's become pretty easy for me to spot what they're looking for.

The Farce is popular enough, when it comes to revivals. A couple of years ago I was speaking with another writer about why farces are so rarely written these days. We both agreed that the stakes necessary to manufacture this mechanical type of playwriting were, in general, absent from our contemporary lives. The plays of Feydeau—unquestionably the greatest farceur—were written during the Belle Epoque era; a time of tremendous moral upheaval in France. Most of his farces feature highly-repressed married couples who, for one reason or another, are driven wild with the desire to cheat on their spouse—even though to be discovered en flagrante would mean social death. When I decided to try my hand at writing a contemporary farce, I hit my first obstacle in the creation of these stakes. If you spend any amount of time commenting on social media, this fear is particularly well-founded.

In the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. Alcee Hastings D-Fl stated that all alternative sexual lifestyles should be protected under the law. I urge my colleagues to vote in favor of this rule. Earlier this year two psychologists in Canada declared that pedophilia is a sexual orientation just like homosexuality or heterosexuality. He may, however, remain abstinent.

For the past seven years I have been a volunteer mentor for a nonprofit organization that matches kids in need with positive role models. We hang out, see movies, eat a lot, have some laughs and otherwise do things that they would not normally have a chance to do. Without question, it is the best thing I do with my life. But he pressed me, so I told him the truth: "I'm not married to a woman. I have to admit that I thought about lying to him. It would have been easy to say that I was not married and let that be the end of it; however, in that moment of truth, I decided to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. I have been married for five years, and I live in a country where marriage between same-sex partners has been legal since


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