Red sox unassisted triple play

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red sox unassisted triple play

Ronald T. Waldos Blog - Glenn Wright Talks About Unassisted Triple Play - March 15, 2012 11:25

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Published 31.01.2019

John Valentin Turns Unassisted Triple Play Boston Red Sox

George Burns made a triple play yesterday, unassisted, it being the fourth time the feat has been accomplished in the history of major league baseball.

Did You Know? Unassisted Triple Plays In Red Sox History

Mandatory Credit: Greg M. On this day in ,there was quite a bit of buzz around the Seattle Mariners matchup with the Boston Red Sox. It was to be on this day that the Mariners latest phenom, Alex Rodriguez , would make his debut, another possible star that the young Mariners could build around. However, it would be his counterpart at shortstop, the Red Sox John Valentin, that would steal the show. Marc Newfield hit a line drive that Valentin would snare for the first out. He then stepped on second, doubling off Mike Blowers , and completed the tenth unassisted triple play in MLB history by tagging out Keith Mitchell. Valentin was not done for the night, or that inning, for that matter.

The unassisted triple play is one of the rarest fabulous feats in Major League baseball. It has been accomplished only fifteen times in history and as illustrated in the quote below, it is a legacy that will follow each and every player who has ever accomplished this unbelievable feat. Randy Velarde glove worn during unassisted triple play Hall of Fame Collection. Neal Ball. Cleveland Naps.

Call to the Pen

John Valentin made the 10th unassisted triple play in major league history and then touched off a three-homer outburst by Boston in the sixth inning as the Red Sox defeated the Seattle Mariners, , last night at Fenway Park. With Seattle runners moving from first and second base in the top of the sixth, Valentin went to one knee to catch a line drive by Marc Newfield. He then stepped on second base to double off Mike Blowers and trotted a few steps to tag Keith Mitchell. It was the first unassisted triple play since Mickey Morandini made one for Philadelphia against Pittsburgh on Sept. So I tagged him.


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    Considered one of the rarest of feats, an unassisted triple play occurs so infrequently that only 12 have been turned in modern Major League Baseball history.

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    All players with unassisted triple plays. By Ed Eagle. March 11 John Valentin, Red Sox shortstop, July 8, , sixth inning Watch >. Mickey.

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