Signs of a submissive woman

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signs of a submissive woman

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Published 28.01.2019

Reading Attraction - Submissive Signals - Look down - Fidgeting - Neck showing

How does one spot a submissive?
Martin Veyron


Remember in the lesson of verbal expressions of power , where the most powerful person takes the judge role, does the questions, leads and, potentially, attacks? He looks submissive to the authority. Or he might not. I just did it and it was a mistake I apologize to everyone involved. This is what I will do to make up for it.. Much more powerful.

The body language of submissiveness

We will describe the submissive behavior in sexual life of woman. Not any woman is submissive , but almost all women show a bit submission by courting. The first sign of a submissivity is the break of eye contact by dropping the eye contact to down. Very important is the place where the eye looks after the contact break, because only the look to down mean the submissivity. Often is to see if the man and a woman are on equal or near equal position both standing or sitting. Another typical sign of submissive behavior in sexual life of woman is the look to up.

In this article I'm going to focus on the way we express dominant or submissive attitude through our body language. When we talk about dominance or submissiveness we talk about the amount of influence over others. How strong do we feel compared to the rest of the group? How comfortable we feel to take command and make the decisions? Are we the alpha males females? Or are we the followers?


  1. Karem M. says:

    Taking the control from them is the key to a steamy night.

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