Sci fi fantasy books december 2018

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sci fi fantasy books december 2018

Most Popular Books Published In December 2018

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My Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy Books - 2017

Fall, one of our four favorite seasons to read, is upon us.
Colleen Hoover

Winter 2018’s Hottest Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: A Moon Murder, a Russian Reverie, and Big Brother

Walk through a book that feels like a ballad, return to the word-drunk world of Weep, discover new tales set in beloved fantasy realms, and dive into retellings that feel completely new. Read all previews here , and read our January—June fantasy preview here. Add to Bag. In this sequel, X is back in the Lowlands, more powerless than ever—but a search for his true identity may lead to freedom. Back on Earth, Zoe is determined to do whatever it takes to save the one she loves, including descending into the underworld and breaking him out herself. Centering on a servant girl who grows to love her formerly monstrous master, whose beastly form belies the new kindness of his heart, it imagines Beauty as an interloper who threatens not to save the man, but to restore his cruel nature.

Add to Bag. King of the Road , by R. Belcher wends his way through urban legends and American folklore, gunning the engine all the way to the explosive conclusion. After being cast down and imprisoned in the mortal realm by their parents, the gods Patharro and Metherra, Fratarro and Sororra—known as The Twins—are finally free, and the Long Night has begun as they revel in power. Time is short; once The Twins are at full strength, they will be able to bend the world to their wills—so, ready or not, Joros and his champions must move quickly, or the whole world might be lost.

Itching for tales of time-travelling astronauts? Intrigued by worlds filled with espionage and intergalactic feuds? This winter is delivering a fantastic crop of sci-fi and fantasy books, including titles from favorites Seanan McGuire and Charles Stross. Not to mention that fans of the Expanse series will be delighted to get their hands on the newest installment, Persepolis Rising. Meanwhile, readers looking for a brand new adventure will have to decide whether they want to take on time travel , warring timelines , or a murder on the moon. Hot on the heels of The Bear and the Nightingale , Katherine Arden once again gives voice to Vasya, who has learned how to protect and care for herself in the frozen Russian landscape she inhabits.

Best New Fantasy Books in December 2018

Books, books, books! Fall is a great time to dive into science fiction and explore other worlds. Join the Den of Geek Book Club! Authors explore new corners of the Clan Chronicles universe in an anthology that brings readers into the lives of the alien inhabitants of one of the sci-fi series's most memorable locations. Welcome to one of the iconic settings of the Clan Chronicles: the infamous interstellar shopping extravaganza of the Trade Pact known as Plexis Supermarket! A market and meeting place, Plexis is where pirates rub shoulders with freighter crews, where the rich come to party and the out-of-luck chase that last opportunity, where anything can be bought or sold and only your airtag tells the truth.


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