Urdu books on intelligence agencies

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urdu books on intelligence agencies

Popular Intelligence Agencies Books

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Published 13.01.2019

Which Are the Best Spy Agencies in the World?

Make Your Own List. The job of the intelligence services is to understand others and help leaders act more wisely, says the author of a new history of the FBI. Tim Weiner is an American reporter and author.
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Urdu books on intelligence agencies

Surprisingly, until recently, no serious publication has focused exclusively on the ISI as an intelligence service. Two works — one released last July and the other newly-translated into English — address this gap. Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, and others tried to harness ISI against their enemies, but these attempts to manipulate the service fall far short of reliable control. ISI can and does conduct covert operations, at home and abroad. What ISI does not do well is perform the basic functions of an intelligence service: collection, analysis, and counterintelligence. Good intelligence is fundamental to avoiding the miscalculations that spark war. The other book, Hein G.

With all the press on Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence over the years, our shelves should be bulging with books dissecting the service.
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In , she organized a public discussion in Karachi about the disappearances of political activists—she was an activist herself—knowing it was a subject the Pakistani media was afraid to touch. After leaving the event, she was shot dead. The assassin was sentenced to death after a summary trial, but the shot that killed Mahmud still reverberates: her murder marked the beginning of an unprecedented assault on freedom of speech in Pakistan. The Pakistani media is now enduring its darkest phase yet. In a press conference last December, he issued a heartfelt plea: if journalists filed positive stories for just six months, Pakistan would become a great nation. Mostly, Pakistani journalists obliged.


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