Quest adventure collection 12 books

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quest adventure collection 12 books

Beast Quest Collection Series 1 & 2 12 Books Collection Pack Set by Adam Blade

Adam Blade is the house name for the Working Partners Ltd. ghostwriters who write the Beast Quest and Sea Quest series.

Adam Blade is in his late twenties, and was born in Kent, England. His parents were both history teachers and amateur artists, and Adam grew up surrounded by his father’s paintings of historic English battles – which left a lifelong mark on his imagination. He was also fascinated by the ancient sword and shield that hung in his father’s office. Adam’s father said they were a Blade family heirloom.

As a boy, Adam would spend days imagining who could have first owned the sword and shield. Eventually, he created a character – Tom, the bravest boy warrior of them all. The idea for Beast Quest was born.

When Adam grew up and decided that he wanted to be a writer, he was stuck for ideas – until he remembered the old sword and shield, and the imaginary boy he had created when he was young. Adam decided to bring Tom fully to life so that readers could go on the kind of adventures that he always wanted to when he was that age… And still does, even though he’s grown up!

When he’s not writing Beast Quest books, Adam enjoys visiting museums and ancient battle sites. His main hobbies are fencing and football. He also spends a lot of time at home running around after his two exotic pets – a tarantula named Ziggy, and a capuchin monkey named Omar. These little rascals were the inspiration for two of the Beasts that Tom faces on his Quest – Arachnid and Claw.

Sadly, Adam does not have his own Fire-Dragon or Horse-Man. But he really wishes he did!
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The Book Quest

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Bought this for my son and daughter and both loved it equally! Even I was keen on it. Very informative and kids have to go back and forth between pages to find answers to questions. Did you? Yes No. My 8-year-old has loved working his way through these books. He hasn't needed any encouragement and has revisited these to work through all the different topics covered.


To compile this list, I talked with a wide range of 9- to year-old boys, a mix of avid and reluctant readers. It is awesome. They are on a mission to rescue their aunt and uncle who have been kidnapped by someone trying to steal ancient Incan treasure. Teddy and Summer suspect foul play when Henry the hippopotamus from the FunJungle is found dead. Their quest to find out the truth leads to hilarious predicaments and action-packed scenes.

My 7-year-old daughter is not a huge reader, but these books have really caught her imagination. Lots of factual information, wrapped up in a fun format. You don't read the pages consecutively, but rather jump to a page number according to how you answer each question, which also helps to hold the interest of young readers. Would highly recommend. Did you?

Advanced Heroquest Here. HeroQuest Collection. All content are copyrighted to the respective owners Milton Bradley Ltd. Without you guys this site would have been lost forever. I personally have the german version and cannot speak a word german.


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