Philipp eduard anton von lenard

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philipp eduard anton von lenard

Philipp Lenard (Author of Great Men of Science)

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Photoelectric Effect History: A Battle of Einstein vs. Lenard

Author:Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard

His family had originally come from the Tyrol. From he worked as a Privatdozent and assistant to Professor Hertz at the University of Bonn and in was appointed Professor Extraordinary at the University of Breslau. In he was appointed Professor Ordinarius at the University of Kiel. Soon he became interested in the phenomena of phosphorescence and luminescence. This was a development of the mysterious attraction which weak light appearing in darkness had had for him since his boyhood, when he had, with his school fellows, warmed fluorine crystals to make them luminescent; and now he took up, with the astronomer W. Wolf, the study of the luminosity of pyrogallic acid when it is mixed with alkali and bisulphite for developing photographs.

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Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard 7 June 20 May was a German physicist and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in for his work on cathode rays and the discovery of many of their properties. One of his most important contributions was the experimental realization of the photoelectric effect. He discovered that the energy speed of the electrons ejected from a cathode depends only on the wavelength, and not the intensity of, the incident light. Lenard was a nationalist and anti-Semite ; as an active proponent of the Nazi ideology , he supported Adolf Hitler in the s and was an important role model for the " Deutsche Physik " movement during the Nazi period. Notably, he labeled Albert Einstein 's contributions to science as " Jewish physics". The Lenard family had originally come from Tyrol in the 17th century, and Lenard's parents were German -speakers Carpathian Germans. His mother was Antonie Baumann

Short life history: Philipp Lenard. The youth however clearly knows about German physics and Jewish physics;". After his study of science in Budapest and Vienna and physics in Berlin and Heidelberg, Lenard obtained a doctorate in Heidelberg in He went to Breslau in as assistant and a year later to Bonn to Heinrich Hertz where he also qualified as university lecturer. Then he changed to Aachen, Heidelberg and Kiel. Back in Heidelberg in he became head of the Physical Institute there. From he was leading the Radiological Institute at the University of Heidelberg which was also founded by him.


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    Philipp Eduard Anton von Lenard (7 June 20 May ) was a German physicist and the winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in for his work on.

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    Son of Philipp von Lenardis and Antoine von Lenardis.

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    Philipp von Lenard was born at Pozsony (Pressburg) in Austria-Hungary on June Lenard's first work was done in the field of mechanics, when he published a.

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