Lois nettleton twilight zone midnight sun

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lois nettleton twilight zone midnight sun

Lois Nettleton (Narrator of Elizabeth Peters Presents Malice Domestic)

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Published 30.12.2018

Twilight Zone: The Midnight Sun

Science Fiction Treasures - The Midnight Sun 1961 - Twilight Zone Series by Rod Serling (EPSAT)

Nice article, Jordan! I have a good memory of this episode and the sense of oppressive heat. Yeah, it's one of the episodes that sticks in the mind. I found it better than I recalled though I always had a high opinion of it upon a re-watch. Thanks, Jordan. I caught The Midnight Sun last week, and has seen it as a child more decades ago that I care to mention, and it's one of the few Zones that plays as well as it did the first time, with not a disappointing or awkward moment.

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The ultimate global warming episode, it stars Lois Nettleton as Norma, an artist living in a New York City apartment building at a time when Earth has shifted its orbit and is moving towards the sun. Today, of course, climate change is on everyone's mind, but 56 years ago the idea of our planet shifting out of its comfortable position in the solar system and heading for oblivion was just plain scary. Decades before The Walking Dead and The Road Warrior , this was also one of the first television programs to deal with what looks like the end of the world everyone is sweating up a storm, liquids are running out fast, and people are turning desperate. Nettleton was excellent in this episode, as was Betty Garde as her neighbor, Mrs. A special nod here to the art department for creating another memorable set, replete with Norma's paintings the oil of which would soon drip off the canvas.

Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. Title: The Midnight Sun 17 Nov In a world that is getting ever nearer to the sun, people are trying to find ways to deal with the extreme heat. Most people have gone north with Norma and Mrs.


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