Band of brothers german general speech

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band of brothers german general speech

Band of Brothers Quotes by Stephen E. Ambrose

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Band of brother : Brave German General addresses to his men after

The German General was a Heer officer serving in Austria. Following the surrender of Germany in , he gave a speech to his troops thanking them for their.

HBO Band of Brothers German General's speech

Founded in Post by Janne K. Skip to content. Quick links. I wrote it down myself. I would like that someone who understands German better than I do to check it for mistakes, if any. So if you really understand German native speaker and have seen the scene, please help me, you are my only hope, Obi-wan

It followed the men of E Company from their training to Normandy to Germany and the end of the war. The series had many poignant moments, but one of the most moving was the speech below by a German General to his defeated troops. It was a speech that resonated not only with the German soldiers but also with the American soldiers listening. The German General eloquently conveyed in a few words the sentiments shared by all who fought, regardless of the uniform that they wore. I can recall the exact moment I first heard this speech. Although it was only television it instantly resonated something about the relationship between a caring commander and the soldiers that he served and his respect for them and vice versa. The fact that it was based on truth gives a lie to all the propaganda that is fed to us about the Nazis admittedly nasty and the Wehrmacht.

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Sign in. The story ends with the war ending. However, there is a follow-up mini-series detailing the accounts of, and titled The Pacific from the same people that brought you 'Band of Brothers'. Edit Coming Soon. It is however, 1 on the Top TV Shows. Please note that BoB is a dramatized version of what happened. While some scenes are very close to what actually happened, other scenes have been dramatized to work better in the series format.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. German Language Stack Exchange is a bilingual question and answer site for speakers of all levels who want to share and increase their knowledge of the German language. In the speech, he uses "ihr" and related pronouns "euch" and "euer". However, in the very last sentence, he switches to the pronoun "Sie", saying:. I'm well aware that it may be an oversight in the script, but I'm curious if there is a real German language reason for this switch in pronouns.

Band of Brothers Quotes - Page 3. Military and War Movie Quotes. Someone requested the German General's Speech that was translated by Leibgott? Here's the "Hitler's Moustache" quote that was requested: "Well, I'll tell ya, I wouldn't want to be a replacement officer coming in here. Getting thrown in with a group of guys who've known each other for what?


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