Scott kelby photography tips and tricks

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scott kelby photography tips and tricks

The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1) by Scott Kelby

My veteran photographer friends would laugh at me if they knew I bought this book. Im a real novice, and many of my friends are professional art and event shooters. I liked this book, though, because it reminded me a lot of having a conversation with a photographer friend. In fact, this is a goal clearly stated by the author: he wanted to cut out the technical explanations and write as if he and the reader were out shooting, giving flat advice and instructions. It works for what it is, I picked up a lot of tips from the book. Its main limitation is that it does leave me wondering too much at the whys while it answers the hows. The author suggests going out to buy one of the many other photography books out there if I want those answers. I agree, if you want concise answers and quick results, its a good book, but if you want to understand the principles behind the tricks, then theres more reading to be done.
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Photo Recipes Live with Scott Kelby: How to Use Natural Light

Travel Photography Tips & Tricks

Hello one and all! Arizona has Horseshoe Bend at the edge of the Grand Canyon, but it turns out Montenegro has its own, green version. Pavlova Strana is a viewpoint way above the horseshoe bend of the Rijeka Crnojevica River, meandering through to Lake Skadar. Last week, I had a little road trip shooting around Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro and this viewpoint was one of my stops. Well, one method we can employ is the sunny 16 rule. The thing is, as with all the rules, the rules are there as a guideline. If we break away from golden hour, be it because we simply cannot be at a certain location then or for any other reason, we can switch to the sunny 16 rule to effectively capture good images in bright sunshine.

By: Scott Kelby 3 Jun During summer holidays, we all set out to capture and share the best travel photos. Okay, I may have been pushing it with the last part, but if you use these five simple photography tips and techniques, you can impressively capture memories or be a social media hit! One of the things we love about travel is getting to try different exotic and super yummy foods. This is why you always see so many shots of food in travel magazines. I sometimes stand up to take the shots, which kind of makes my wife a little crazy.

Learn to edit like a pro using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Creative Cloud, and more helpful software. With over 50 landscape and travel courses, we cover any and all questions you may have about capturing breathtaking images. Learn how to make them look slimmer, create flattering lighting, and more. Learn how to become a successful wedding photographer, deal with imperfect lighting, capture candid moments, and build your business. From hair and skin, to landscapes and portrait, we have a retouching course that focuses on the best techniques—regardless of skill level.

Lots of helpful little nuggets, and we answered lots of questions from viewers. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro.
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The Ultimate “PhotoWorkout”

The simplest of ways one can grow as a photographer is by watching what the pros like Scott Kelby do and try to understand their methods and how they approach a situation and create an image. One should try and imbibe those in their own photography. The internet has made it really easy to access the work created by the masters of photography. Learn from Scott Kelby on KelbyOne. Scott Kelby explained that just because you have some of the essential pro gear that money can buy does not guarantee that you would always get the best of shots.


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    Travel Photography Tips & Tricks - Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider

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    Hello one and all! It's #TravelTuesday with me, Dave Williams, here at ScottKelby .com where Scott gets the day off and I jump in to lay down.

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    Hi Gang: If you missed “The Grid” this week, our topic was travel photography, and I showed image, and talked tips and tricks based on my trip.

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