When was queen victoria born and died

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when was queen victoria born and died

Queen Victoria, From her Birth to the Death of the Prince Consort by Cecil Woodham-Smith

Absolutely outstanding material. Written in a literary style and solid on the facts of the case. The author has a strong feel for personality and makes the people and events come alive as if they were a remarkably good movie. Im VERY hard to please with biographies so you can be assured this book is as good as they come.
Theres only one complaint I have to make. The author stated an opinion that Prince Albert showed signs of mental decline when he wrote an angry letter to his son after his son had been involved in an illicit affair. I disagree that objecting to such behavior is an indication of mental deterioration, and no arguments about how it was different in those olden days will hold water with me. Irresponsible behavior is always irresponsible behavior, and individual people will continue thinking so regardless of the age in which they live. :)
But other than that this is a terrific book and well worth reading.
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Queen Victoria - Transformation From 1 To 81 Years Old

Queen Victoria served as monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from until her death in She became Empress of India in
Cecil Woodham-Smith

15 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Queen Victoria

Sign in. When she was less than a year old her father died leaving her mother broke and at the mercy of her brother Leopold, the King of Belgium. Victoria lead a sheltered life in Kensington Palace while growing up. She was not allowed to see anybody besides her mother, half-sister and brother, and the comptroller of the household and reputed lover of the Duchess of Kent, Sir John Conroy. When she was 17 she met for the first time her cousins Albert and Ernest sons of her mother's brother Ernest The meeting went well but nothing happened. Three years later she and Albert met again and this time they fell in love.

Queen Victoria served as monarch of Great Britain and Ireland from until her death in She became Empress of India in Victoria's reign saw great cultural expansion; advances in industry, science and communications; and the building of railways and the London Underground. When Princess Fedora was 6 years old, her father died. Her mother became a domineering influence in her life. As a child, she was said to be warm-hearted and lively.

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Queen Victoria's Letters: A Monarch Unveiled (Victorian Documentary) - Timeline

One of history's most iconic Queens , Victoria was an era-defining figure whose fascinating life continues to inspire storytellers today. While you've surely heard of the long-reigning British monarch, there's plenty about Victoria that will still surprise you. Born in Kensington Palace on May 24, , Queen Victoria was originally named Alexandrina Victoria, after her godfather, Tsar Alexander I , but always preferred to go by her second name, or the nickname 'Drina. At birth, Victoria was fifth in the line of succession for the British crown, behind the four eldest sons of George III, including her three uncles and her father, Edward. This made Queen Victoria the first reigning monarch to take up residence at Buckingham , though her move did not come without its struggles.


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    Victoria was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 20 June until After Albert's death in , Victoria plunged into deep mourning and avoided public appearances. The first of these was Princess Charlotte, who was born and died on 27 March , two months before Victoria was born.

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    Biography: Queen Victoria for Kids

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    Queen Victoria - Family Tree, Reign & Wedding - Biography

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