Pretty mouth and green my eyes summary

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pretty mouth and green my eyes summary

Nine Stories - Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes - who was the girl? Showing 1-17 of 17

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Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes - Dyanna Bateman & Savannah Vann

Nine Stories Summary and Analysis of "Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes". Buy Study Guide. The phone rings. A “gray-haired man” asks the girl.

Nine Stories - Pretty Mouth and Green my Eyes Summary & Analysis

A grey-haired man and a young woman are in bed when the phone rings. He asks her if she would prefer he not answer it. She rises up on one elbow and asks what he thinks. He responds that he doesn't see that it makes any difference, and leans over to pick up the receiver. The caller addresses him as Lee, and asks if he has wakened him. Lee recognizes the caller as a man named Arthur. They are lawyers in the same firm.

It is the story of an old man who speaks to his friend on the phone about his wife, while the old man appears to be with her. Lee and a woman are in his apartment together. The phone rings and he reaches across her to answer it. It is Arthur, worried about his wife, Joanie, who disappeared from a party. Lee tells him to relax and assures him that she will turn up soon. Arthur is worried about his job too. He is a lawyer and has just lost a case.

Dec 03, PM. But then toward the end Arthur calls back and tells Lee that Joanie just got in. Of course he could have been lying. Who do you think that the girl was? Dec 05, PM. That is who the girl was.

Four Years in Startups

The phone rings. She is unsure, and asks him what he thinks. His name is Lee. Lee looks at the girl, and certain things become clear. The girl is Joanie, and Lee has taken her to his place after a party. He and Arthur work at the same law firm. Arthur is worried about Joanie, who apparently has a tendency to behave rashly and who he suspects of sleeping around.

Salinger we have the theme of conflict, honesty, deception, betrayal and paralysis. Joanie too appears to be in conflict within herself over her cheating on Arthur. Salinger also appears to be exploring the theme of honesty and deception. It may also be important that at no stage in the story does Lee appear to feel any guilt about the fact that he is deceiving and betraying Arthur. If anything Lee appears to be allowing his ego to come into play.

Salinger portrays a gray-haired man talking on the phone to his friend Arthur. It is obvious to Lee and the reader that Arthur is in fact "plastered" drunk , and Lee tries to calm him down with many different failing tactics. Arthur complains of how his wife sleeps around with other men, and how they do not truly love each other. Lee, obviously annoyed and frustrated by their conversation, convinces Arthur to calm down and go to sleep. Arthur finally agrees but continues to stress over his wife and the decisions he has made during his life.


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