Cold sassy tree questions and answers

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cold sassy tree questions and answers

Cold Sassy Tree Trivia

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Cold Sassy Tree Questions and Answers

Where was Miss Love born? How does Hoyt reveal the fact that he thinks Will's stories about Loma are funny? How do the people in town find out that Love and Grandpa are not sleeping in the same room? Why is Miss Love curious about the kinds of trips Will has taken with his grandfather? Where did Cold Sassy get its name? Who comes to Grandpa's and Love's defense regarding their experiences in New York?

Only two of their many children lived to adulthood, and childbearing became too risky for Mattie Lou. Rucker and Mattie Lou ceased having sex, and Rucker made himself feel useful by throwing himself into the work of providing for his family. When Rucker marries Miss Love Simpson, his personality begins to change. Stubbornness and miserliness give way to accommodation and indulgence. While Rucker has always been enamored of Miss Love, she marries him out of convenience, but gradually discovers she loves him. Rucker begins to work fewer hours at the store and to loosen his tight grip on money.

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Study Questions

When Grandpa E. Rucker Blakeslee announces one July morning in that he's aiming to marry the young and freckledy milliner, Miss Love Simpson—a bare three weeks after Granny Blakeslee has gone to her reward—the news is served up all over town with that afternoon's dinner. And young Will Tweedy suddenly finds himself eyewitness to a major scandal. Boggled by the sheer audacity of it all, and not a little jealous of his grandpa's new wife, Will nevertheless approves of this May-December match and follows its progress with just a smidgen of youthful prurience. As the newlyweds' chaperon, conspirator, and confidant, Will is privy to his one-armed, renegade grandfather's second adolescence; meanwhile, he does some growing up of his own. He gets run over by a train and lives to tell about it; he kisses his first girl, and survives that too. Olive Ann Burns has given us a timeless, funny, resplendent novel—about a romance that rocks an entire town, about a boy's passage through the momentous but elusive year when childhood melts into adolescence, and about just how people lived and died in a small Southern town at the turn of the century.

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In what state does this book take place? How old is Will at the beginning of the book? What is the name of Will's aunt? Who recently passed away when the book begins? How long has a special person to Will been dead when the book begins? Who is the most shocked to hear that Mr. Blakeslee is getting married?


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    Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. What are five secrets that Will knows about the other characters in Cold Sassy Tree? Five secrets that Will knows about the other characters in Cold Sassy Tree: 1)Will Tweedy's grandfather, Grandpa Rucker Blakeslee, announces shattering news to.

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