Digital citizenship rights and responsibilities

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digital citizenship rights and responsibilities

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Published 06.12.2018

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

5 Responsibilities that Come with Digital Citizenship

With increased use of technology and high usage of the internet by young people, it is imperative that schools take some responsibility in making sure students of all ages know what are their rights and responsibilities as a digital citizen, what appropriate digital behaviour is, and how to protect themselves and their technology from external threats. Digital citizenship involves knowing how to utilise technology in order to engage appropriately and responsibly in society. A digital citizen applies their skills and knowledge in using a computer, mobile phone or web-ready device, and the internet, to participate in and contribute to personal and school environments. Digital rights and responsibilities set an expectation that each user will follow the rules and procedures, as identified in school and at home. In an ideal world, when someone posts, shares, comments, emails and so forth, others will enjoy the information without abusing it, passing it off as their own work, or use it to threaten or harass. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it is important to set some boundaries and maybe advocate the mantra of do not harm. Students need a clear understanding of how to behave in an online world.

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Introduction to Digital Rights and Responsibilities. From the first day of the school year, students are instructed to follow the classroom and school rules. Students learn the expectations of responsible behavior in the classroom, the hallway, the bathroom, the cafeteria, the playground, the bus and so forth. Teachers help the students learn the rules through role play, assemblies, and class discussions. At home, parents establish rules and expectations for student behavior. Just as it is important to establish these rules and expectations for the school and the home, it is imperative that parents and educators establish similar rules and expectations for responsible behavior in the digital world. Digital rights and responsibilities address this component of the standard.


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