Pretty mouth and green my eyes

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pretty mouth and green my eyes

Nine Stories - Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes - who was the girl? Showing 1-17 of 17

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Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes Self Tape Dani Burley

Stephen said: In Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes I was pretty sure that the girl in bed with Lee was the Joanie that Arthur was sea.

Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by J.D. Salinger

The phone rings. She is unsure, and asks him what he thinks. His name is Lee. Lee looks at the girl, and certain things become clear. The girl is Joanie, and Lee has taken her to his place after a party.

"Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes" is a short story written by J. D. Salinger for The New Yorker, collected in his Nine Stories. It is the story of an old man who.
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Dec 03, PM. But then toward the end Arthur calls back and tells Lee that Joanie just got in. Of course he could have been lying. Who do you think that the girl was? Dec 05, PM. That is who the girl was.

Salinger we have the theme of conflict, honesty, deception, betrayal and paralysis. Joanie too appears to be in conflict within herself over her cheating on Arthur. Salinger also appears to be exploring the theme of honesty and deception. It may also be important that at no stage in the story does Lee appear to feel any guilt about the fact that he is deceiving and betraying Arthur. If anything Lee appears to be allowing his ego to come into play. The fact that Arthur lies to Lee when he rings Lee for a second time may also be important.

Daily Book Excerpt: Adult fiction:. Nine Stories , by J. It is perfectly clear what happens in this story. Thank you, Mr. Crothers, for teaching me not just how to write a paper — but how to actually analyze a story in 10th grade.


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