Breuer and freud studies on hysteria 1895

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breuer and freud studies on hysteria 1895

Studies in Hysteria by Josef Breuer

Hysteria—the tormenting of the body by the troubled mind—is among the most pervasive of human disorders; yet, at the same time, it is the most elusive. Freud’s recognition that hysteria stemmed from traumas in the patient’s past transformed the way we think about sexuality. Studies in Hysteria is one of the founding texts of psychoanalysis, revolutionizing our understanding of love, desire, and the human psyche. As full of compassionate human interest as of scientific insight, these case histories are also remarkable, revelatory works of literature.

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STUDIES O N HYSTERIA SIGMUND FREUD IN JOSEF BREUER and STUDIES ON HYSTERIA () Editor's Introduction page ix Preface to the .
Josef Breuer

Studies in Hysteria

The Viennese physician Josef Breuer has a unique and prominent place in the history of psychotherapy. From , while treating a patient known as Anna O. As a result of that treatment, he formulated many of the key concepts that laid the foundation for modern psychotherapy. Breuer is best known for his collaboration with Sigmund Freud and for introducing Freud to the case of Anna O. The ideas emerging from that case so fascinated Freud that he devoted the rest of his career to developing them, in the form of psychoanalysis.

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Permalink Print. Her case was first discussed in Studies on Hysteria Freud and Breuer, , a joint work published in by Freud and his friend, Josef Breuer , a fellow Austrian physician. Learn more. Her family adhered to Orthodox Judaism and were relatively privileged. Anna had a younger brother, Wilhelm Pappenheim, and two older sisters.

It was through the study of the case of Frau Cacilie M. The bearing of these studies of hysteria on psychoanalyses is discussed. Freud originated the technical developments, together with the vital theoretical concepts of resistance, defense, and repression which arose from them. Breuer originated the notion of hypnoid states, and it seems possible that he was responsible for the terms catharsis and abreaction. The initial views are not regarded as errors but as valuable first approximations to knowledge which could only be fully acquired after long and continuous efforts. Chapter I.


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