Our goal and our guides

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our goal and our guides

Our Goal Is God: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening by H. Thomas Miller

Our Goal is God is a unique book in the body, mind and spirit market, in that, it covers a variety of topics in an easy to read and easy to understand way that encourages the reader to challenge the established views of the society by listening to the inner voice, the intuition. In order to answer the three most frequently asked questions throughout history: Who are we? Where did we come from? and Where are we going?, the book covers topics like our physical, astral an causal body, reincarnations, cause and effect, realms of heaven, human abilities, creation of the universe, meditation, and entering into this new age we are standing at the threshold of. The book is divided into three sections, each for one of the above questions. By asking who we are, the book takes a look at the present moment and gives a description of our physical, astral and causal body works, how the universe work, and what our relationship is to God. The second part takes the reader through time, from the dawn of creation to the present moment. The third part shows the reader the way into the future by giving advise on how to change our life through awareness and meditation. A lot of people all over the world, and young people in particular, have experiences with the astral world, or the spirit world, that is hard for them to comprehend and even harder to talk about to their peers and mentors. It is my sincere hope that this book will be of comfort to them. It will also serve as a guide on how to live more in tune with ourself and our creation.
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Goal Setting: A Guide To Setting And Achieving Your Most Precious Goals

Oh my GOSH.
H. Thomas Miller


Its targets are aspirational, but the stakes are high, as our planet faces unprecedented economic, social and environmental stresses. Agenda is underpinned by 17 Sustainable Development Goals SDGs , broken into specific targets, whose realisation will require the best knowledge, innovation and application from all sectors. Scientists have an essential role to play, and whilst many are already engaged in various Scientists have an essential role to play, and whilst many are already engaged in various capacities, there is a need for many more to lend their expertise to this vital effort. Representing some of the best scientific minds in their countries, the merit-based academies are an important source of expertise, but according to a member survey conducted this year by the InterAcademy Partnership IAP , the global network of science, engineering and medical academies, awareness of the SDGs is limited. IAP has published a guide to the SDGs as a resource for all merit-based academies and other interested members of the global science community.

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The Ark and the Dove: Our Quest for Happiness, The Story of Divine LoveHardcover. A book of Catholic religious instruction for high school freshman that exmphasizes faith and tells the story of the Divine Love that led God the Father to create us and promise a Redeemer.
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    IAP - Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Merit-Based Academies

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    This highly acclaimed, doctrinally sound high school religion book, has been reprinted with no revisions to the original 's edition. The book is refreshing to .

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