Ron and hermione moments fanfiction

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ron and hermione moments fanfiction

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Published 06.12.2018

Ron and Hermione - Keep Holding On

Hi there everyone. I just want to say thank you to you all for reading, reviewing and putting this story on alert, it makes my day opening my inbox in the morning! I am coming to the end of missing moments that have been suggested to me now, with one more planned after this one. However, if anyone has any other suggestions, please write them in a review, and I will see what I can come up with although I won't promise to do all of them if there are loads more but I don't think there are many more places that missing moments could be to be honest! Also, if you are reading this after I have reordered them I'm intending to do that after I finish , this will be the first chapter, and thanks for opening my story; I hope you enjoy it.

But not the first I posted!! I thought of this one day, when I was sitting on a ledge and, like many of my fics, I thought of this movement that I thouht was really romantic in a light, and I really like the last few lines! Anywhoo I wrote and wrote, until this is what came out!! Hope you enjoy this story! Summer breezes made the trees sway free, as it made Hermione's thicket of curls dance. She sat on a low wall of an empty outdoors corridor, behind and below her, a grassy alcove sat idly and the stairs some feet away from her that lead to said alcove were deserted.

Warning : Rated T for language, violence, and sensuality. For further disclaimers and warnings, make sure to read my profile. Instead, I've decided to revamp the story, edit it, and repost. I hope you all enjoy. Well, I'm sure you'll find someone somewhere who'll have you. Her face flushed like it often did when she was angry or frustrated with him. Not a blush in the centre of her cheeks, but high on her neck as though the blood were pumping straight from her heart, furiously up to her mouth in order to give it constant fuel for the battery of insults and quips she would make toward him during one of their general rows.


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    Missing Moments Chapter 1: The Burrow, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

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