Similarities between jesus and krishna

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similarities between jesus and krishna

The Enigma of Reason by Hugo Mercier

Reason, we are told, is what makes us human, the source of our knowledge and wisdom. If reason is so useful, why didnt it also evolve in other animals? If reason is that reliable, why do we produce so much thoroughly reasoned nonsense? In their groundbreaking account of the evolution and workings of reason, Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber set out to solve this double enigma. Reason, they argue with a compelling mix of real-life and experimental evidence, is not geared to solitary use, to arriving at better beliefs and decisions on our own. What reason does, rather, is help us justify our beliefs and actions to others, convince them through argumentation, and evaluate the justifications and arguments that others address to us.

In other words, reason helps humans better exploit their uniquely rich social environment. This interactionist interpretation explains why reason may have evolved and how it fits with other cognitive mechanisms. It makes sense of strengths and weaknesses that have long puzzled philosophers and psychologists--why reason is biased in favor of what we already believe, why it may lead to terrible ideas and yet is indispensable to spreading good ones.

Ambitious, provocative, and entertaining, The Enigma of Reason will spark debate among psychologists and philosophers, and make many reasonable people rethink their own thinking.
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Jesus & Krishna -- A brief understanding of two Enlightened beings -- Sadhguru


Sponsored link. Krishna is the second person of the Hindu Trinity. He is considered to be one of the incarnations of the God Vishnu. However, " Traditional belief based on scriptural details and astrological calculations gives Krishna's birth " year as BCE. Thus, if there are many points of similarities between these two individuals, most skeptics and some religious liberals would accept that elements of Krishna's life were incorporated into the legends associated with Jesus rather than vice-versa. Other reasons for the similarities between Jesus and Krishna's life stories on Earth have been suggested which are more acceptable to conservative Christians who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible , in the inspiration of the Bible's authors by God , and in the belief that Jesus is God's only son and the world's only savior:.

Hindus believe that Krishna is the 8th incarnate of Lord Vishnu — the protector and the second personality of the Hindu Trinity of deities. They were divinely conceived. Krishna's and Jesus' mothers were holy virgins —. The virginal state of Devaki is a matter of debate. The divine Vishnu one of the three deities in the Hindu Trinity himself descended into the womb of Devaki and was born as her son Krishna. The virginal state of Mary when she conceived Jesus is also a matter of debate.

Biblical Truth Bold Compassion. The name of their first son was Kirtiman. That detail is from a late source c. The names Devaka used by Christopher Hitchens and the source he plagiarized 5 and Yasoda used by Kersey Graves 6 are errors deriving from a basic ignorance of the story. He died when the hunter Jara shot him in the sole of his foot.

Similarities in just the names of 'Christ' and 'Krishna' have enough fuel to ignore a host of likenesses between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna.
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Identical life experiences

Krishna's teachings and Jesus' teachings were very similar. The celebrated French missionary and traveler, Evarist-Regis Huc , who made a journey of several thousand miles through China and Tibet, stated, "If we addressed a Mogul or Tibetan this question, 'Who is Krishna? Hindus believe that Krishna was the eighth "avatar", or incarnation, of the god Vishnu - one of the Hindu deities in the Hindu trinity. Hindu scriptures state that Krishna "appeared in all the fullness of his power and glory. The karmic similarities between Jesus and the Hindu messiah named Krishna B. There over one hundred similarities between the Hindu and Christian saviors which could easily fill a volume. Some of these similarities are apocryphal, which means their source comes from the extra-canonical scriptures of Hinduism.

Previous version published in the Lewiston Morning Tribune Nov. Mother and Child: Devaki and Krishna. On August 28 millions of Indians celebrate d the birthday of Lord Krishna, who, if one scholar's calculations are correct, was born about 3, years ago. The main celebration beg a at midnight, and activities include singing, praying, and fasting. The image at left shows Hindus gathering for Krishna's birthday at a temple in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Despite their differences, Hinduism and Christianity have great similarities. And this is particularly prominent in the case of the life and teachings of the two central figures of these world religions — Christ and Krishna. Similarities in just the names of 'Christ' and 'Krishna' have enough fuel for the curious mind to prod into the proposition that they were indeed one and the same person. Although there is little historical evidence, it is hard to ignore a host of likenesses between Jesus Christ and Lord Krishna. Analyze this! Christ comes from the Greek word 'Christos', which means "the anointed one".


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