Pillars of salt and pillars of sand

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pillars of salt and pillars of sand

Pillars of Light by Jane Johnson

Diana Gabaldon meets Ken Follett in this epic story of love, war and redemption.

In the Syrian city of Akka, Nathanael, a young Jewish doctor, and a Muslim girl called Zohra are about to fall in love, unaware that Jerusalem has just been taken by Saladins army and that their city will soon be engulfed by war.    

Meanwhile in England, John Savage, a foundling boy, runs away from his cruel life in a priory with The Moor, a mysterious man driven by a dream of perfection.

John and The Moor become members of a band of conmen travelling through the English countryside faking religious miracles for cash, until they are recruited in Richard the Lionhearts drive to regain the Latin Kingdom from the infidel. Akka awaits. It will be the site of the greatest--and cruellest--siege of its time. But even in the midst of war, lovers find ways to make transactions of beauty.

Pillars of Light is a powerful and moving novel about the triumph of the human spirit against all the odds. It will delight fans of Philippa Gregory, Ken Follett and Diana Gabaldon.
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Upon pillars of salt and pillars of salt and pillars of salt and pillars of salt

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