Bob woodward and carl bernstein

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bob woodward and carl bernstein

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein worked for what newspaper when they... (285 people answered this)

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Published 05.12.2018

The Last of the President’s Men with Bob Woodward Alex Butterfield and Michael Bernstein --

The duo became famous in the early s at the Washington Post, where they broke the Watergate story and exposed the sprawling criminal activity and cover-up that led to the impeachment and resignation of President Richard Nixon.

Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein

Woodward grew up in Wheaton , a suburb of Chicago, where his father was a prominent jurist. Upon his return, he was accepted at Harvard Law School. He chose not to pursue a law degree, however. Instead, he petitioned the editors of The Washington Post for an unpaid two-week internship. While none of the stories he submitted was printed, the editors saw potential in the aspiring reporter and referred him to the Montgomery County Sentinel , a weekly paper in suburban Maryland.

Carl Bernstein received an email from Bob Woodward the other day. The most famous double act in journalism were in their early 30s at the time and, like the Beatles when they broke up, could have been forgiven for assuming that the biggest story of their career was behind them. But then along came Donald Trump with Watergate echoes too loud to ignore. It is expected to be the most authoritative account yet of the first 18 months of the administration. Bernstein is clearly galvanised by covering a big story again but there is no hint of glee. I say those things not pejoratively.

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Bob Woodward is a journalist and acclaimed non-fiction author who has worked for The Washington Post since Woodward was working as a reporter for paper when he was tipped to a burglary at the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate complex in Washington, D. With fellow journalist Carl Bernstein, Woodward eventually connected the break-in to the highest levels of the Nixon administration. The Washington Post was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for its coverage—one of two Post Pulitzers won through Woodward's contributions—and Woodward and Berstein became synonymous with investigative journalism. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Yale University in , he enlisted into the U. Navy and served a five-year tour of duty. Following his discharge from the Navy, Woodward landed a reporting position at the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland.


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